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Research Articles by Food Surveys Research Group


15 Change in Methodology for Collection of Drinking Water Intake in What We Eat in America/National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: Implications for Analysis.
Sebastian RS, Wilkinson Enns C, Goldman JD, Moshfegh AJ. Public Health Nutr. 2012;15(7):1190-1195. DOI:
14 Evaluating the Use of Questions and Responses in a Large National Dietary Data Collection Instrument
Steinfeldt L, Clemens J, Anand J. Proceedings of The 12th (2009) International Blaise Users' Conference, Riga, Latvia. Internet: (accessed 1 October 2009)
13 The US Department of Agriculture Automated Multiple-Pass Method Reduces Bias in the Collection of Energy Intakes
Moshfegh AJ, Rhodes DG, Baer DJ, Murayi T, Clemens JC, Rumpler WV, Paul DR, Sebastian RS, Kuczynski KJ, Ingwersen LA, Staples RC, Cleveland LE. Am J Clin Nutr. 2008;88:324-332
12 Identifying Sources of Reporting Error Using Measured Food Intake
Rumpler WV, Kramer M, Rhodes DG, Moshfegh AJ, Paul DR. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2008;62(4):544-552
11 Quality Assurance During Data Processing of Food and Nutrient Intakes
Anand J, Raper NR, Tong A. J Food Compos Anal. 2006;19(suppl):86S-90S
10 A New Portion Size Estimation Aid for Wedge-Shaped Foods
Godwin S, Chambers E IV, Cleveland L, Ingwersen L. J Am Diet Assoc. 2006;106(8):1246-1250
9 The USDA Automated Multiple-Pass Method Accurately Estimates Group Total Energy and Nutrient Intake
Blanton CA, Moshfegh AJ, Baer DJ, Kretsch MJ. J Nutr. 2006;136(10):2594-2599
8 Researchers Produce Innovation in Dietary Recall
Bliss RM. Agric Res. 2004;52(6):10-12
7 An Overview of USDA's Dietary Intake Data System
Raper N, Perloff B, Ingwersen L, Steinfeldt L, Anand J. J Food Compos Anal. 2004;17(3-4):545-555
6 Accuracy of Dietary Recall Using the USDA Five-Step Multiple-Pass Method in Men: An Observational Validation Study
Conway JM, Ingwersen LA, Moshfegh AJ. J Am Diet Assoc. 2004;104(4):595-603
5 Blaise Instrument Design for Automated Food Coding
Anderson E, Steinfeldt L. Proceedings of The 9th (2004) International Blaise Users' Conference, Gatineau, Quebec. Internet: (accessed 1 October 2009)
4 Extracting Data From a Large Instrument Using the API
Steinfeldt L. Proceedings of The 8th (2003) International Blaise Users' Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. Internet: (accessed 1 October 2009)
3 Effectiveness of the US Department of Agriculture 5-Step Multiple-Pass Method in Assessing Food Intake in Obese and Nonobese Women
Conway JM, Ingwersen LA, Vinyard BT, Moshfegh AJ. J Am Diet Assoc. 2003; 77(5):1171-1178
2 Was It a Slab, a Slice, or a Sliver? High-Tech Innovations Take Food Survey to a New Level
McBride J. Agric Res. 2001;49(3):4-7
1 Using Blaise in a Nationwide Food Consumption Survey
Steinfeldt L, Anderson E, Anand J, Raper N. Proceedings of The 6th (2000) International Blaise Users' Conference, Kinsale, Ireland. Internet: (accessed 1 October 2009)