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At the time of Dr. John Milner's sudden passing in 2013, he was the Center Director at the USDA's Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center. In order to honor his memory and recognize his contributions to the discipline of nutrition, the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center and the Office of Dieting Supplements, National Institute of Health has established the John A. Milner Fellowship Program.

Prior to joining USDA he Dr. Milner was the Chief of the Nutritional Science Research Group, Division of Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Institute; he was Head of and a Professor in the Department of Nutrition at The Pennsylvania State University, where he also served as Director of the Graduate Program in Nutrition. Before joining Penn State, he was a faculty member in the Food Science Department and in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign. While at the University of Illinois he served as the Director of the Division of Nutritional Sciences and as an Assistant Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. Dr. Milner has published more than 250 book chapters, monographs and journal articles, and was active in many professional societies. Dr. Milner earned a Ph.D. from Cornell University in nutrition, with a minor in biochemistry and physiology and a B.S. in Animal Sciences from Oklahoma State University.