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Charles Coffman
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Summary of Research

Dr. Coffman conducts research 1.0 FTE on the Farming Systems Project (1265-21660-003). Contributes to experimental planning, field operations, and weed management on this project. Contributes to weed management investigations on an organic farm in Frederick County, MD. Developed a cooperative outreach effort for small and under-served farmers that has resulted in 12 annual conferences in the mid-Atlantic area. Began a technology transfer/outreach effort with Virginia State University to address the needs of minority tobacco and peanut farmers in southern Virginia and North Carolina as they transition from historical cropping systems into new production systems. This has resulted in eight annual conferences in Southern and Central Virginia.

Publications (2002-present)

Shunxiang, W., Y.C. Lu, D.J. Mills, C.B. Coffman, and J.R. Teasdale. 2002. Economic evaluation of alternative production systems for fresh-market tomatoes in the mid-Atlantic region. Journal of Vegetable Crop Production 8:91-107.

Mills, D.J., C.B. Coffman, J.R. Teasdale, K.L. Everts, and J.D. Anderson. 2002. Factors associated with foliar disease of staked fresh market tomatoes grown under differing bed strategies. Plant Disease 86:356-361.

Mills, D.J., C.B. Coffman, J.R. Teasdale, K.L. Everts, A.A. Abdul-Baki, J. Lydon, and J.D Anderson. 2002. Foliar disease in fresh market tomato grown in differing bed strategies and fungicide spray programs. Plant Disease 86:955-959.

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