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Agricultural Economist
BLDG 007, Room 112, BARC-West
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: 301-504-5821; FAX: 301-504-6491

Summary of Research

Dr. Lu contributes 0.70 FTE to the Farming Systems Project in SASL and 0.30 FTE to the Alternate Crops and Systems Lab. He is conducting economic analyses of new technologies to (1) determine economic feasibility, (2) assess economic risks for adopting the new technology, (3) assess the long-term impact of the new technologies on profitability and environment quality, and (4) evaluate the trade-offs among profitability, economic risks, and environmental factors. One approach involves ex post analysis, i.e. conducting economic analysis after field experiments have been completed. In this case, we analyze costs and benefits of adopting the new technology to determine economic feasibility and evaluate the economic risks associated with adopting the new technology. Another approach is ex ante analysis, the evaluation of a new technologies' potential economic feasibility before the experiment is completed. Using this analysis, we can project expected outcomes of adopting the technology and provide agricultural scientists with an immediate determination of economic feasibility which my be used to guide future research. For example, we have conducted economic analysis of the Sustainable Agricultural Demonstration site after four years of experimentation and found that a system based on a crownvetch living mulch was not profitable. Subsequently, that system was excluded from further economic analyses and alternative systems were considered. The potential profitability and environmental impacts of the new systems were analyzed using simulation modeling.

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