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Joe Mowery


Joseph Mowery
Biologist / Electron Microscopy Specialist

Electron & Confocal Microscopy Unit
USDA Agricultural Research Service 
10300 Baltimore Ave
BARC-West, Bldg 12
Beltsville, MD 20705
(301) 504-9027  





Joe is a Biologist at the Electron & Confocal Microscopy Unit at the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Beltsville, MD. He received a B.S. from the University of Texas at Arlington and served as a paratrooper and parachute rigger in the US Army. Prior to joining USDA, he was involved in plant ecology research in the Arctic Circle with Dr. Laura Gough, and along the Missouri River in partnership with Colorado State University and the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands. After joining USDA in 2011, he worked with Dr. Zafar Handoo on the taxonomy and systematics of nematodes, focusing on the identification and morphology of plant-parasitic nematodes. Since 2014, while working with Dr. Gary Bauchan, Joe has specialized in biological ultrastructure and the utilization of TEM for researching agricultural plants, pests and pathogens, and has developed novel TEM and Cryo-SEM methods for imaging and studying predator/prey relationships in situ. His collaborative research, includes a recent major finding reported in PNAS, revealing the fat body tissue as the food source of Varroa mites feeding on adult honeybees. Joe serves on the Board of Directors for the Chesapeake Microscopy & Microanalysis Society, and is the Chair of the Membership Committee of the Microscopy Society of America, where he is actively engaged in creating opportunities to advance the microscopy community. Joe is also a Research Associate of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

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Research Snapshots

Electron microscopy specialist, Joe Mowery, and veterinary parasitologist, J.P. Dubey, examine the protozoan parasite, sarcosistis, by transmission electron microscopy.

The ECMU team utilizes confocal laser scanning microscopy to generate 3D scans of mite which are converted into models and printed on a 3D printer. 

/ARSUserFiles/47558/Collecting water mites at OSU2.jpg
Joe Mowery collects water mites, during an summer intensive short course on the taxonomy and systematics of Parasitengona mites at Ohio State University.

/ARSUserFiles/47558/joe ultamicrotome.jpg
Joe Mowery trims resin blocks and positions samples in the proper orientation before slicing the tissue in an ultramicrotome in preparation for transmission electron microscopy.


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