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U.S. National Fungus Collections - Herbarium
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U.S. National Fungus Collections (BPI)

Location: USDA Agricultural Research Service
Building 010A, Room 230
10300 Baltimore Ave.
Beltsville, MD 20705 USA
Phone: (301) 504-6921
Fax: (301) 504-5062

Visit the herbarium specimen database to search for specimens in BPI

Herbarium acronym: BPI
Loans: To recognized institutions and scientists [Loan policy]
Number of accessions: 1,000,000 collections; 65,000 taxa, including species and varieties. Specimen data for most groups of fungi have been computerized
Type Specimens: 25,000
Associated libraries: 5,600 volumes, 75,000 pamphlets and reprints
Internet access:
Scientists: Dr. Lisa A. Castlebury, Systematics and nomenclature of plant-associated fungi
Dr. Jo Anne Crouch, Molecular systematics and genomics of plant pathogenic fungi
Dr. Stephen Rehner, Molecular systematics of insect-associated fungi
Dr. Catalina Salgado-Salazar, Systematics and genomics of plant-associated fungi

Loan policy
Depositing vouchers
Specimen origins
Selected achievements