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Citrus Yellow Mosaic Virus

Citrus yellow mosaic virus is a destructive disease of citrus in India. Symptoms of the virus include chlorotic spots on older leaves, and an overall decline in fruit production.The disease is spread by the citrus mealybug, dodder, as well as through the use of infected budwood. CYMV is a badnavirus.

Citrus leaves showing symptoms of cymv a bright yellow flecking  electron microscopy image of cymv badnavirus particles

Our laboratory completed a thorough characterization of the virus which included sequencing of the entire genome and the development of a full length infectious clone of the virus. Click here for a full copy of our research paper. The cloned virus will be useful in defining the minimum gene set required for infection. We have also developed a diagnostic assay for this virus which can be used to protect the U.S. industry from this disease.

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For more information about citrus pathogens please contact Dr. John Hartung

For more information concerning growing citrus please contact Cristina Paul


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