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Legacy: Former Senior Scientists at MPPL
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Former Senior Scientists at MPPL


Dr. Robert E. Davis- 2019

Phytoplasmas and Spiroplasmas

Dr. Davis' research in MPPL made a great impact on the study of pathogens. His research allowed for new fundamental understanding of the evolutionary emergence of spiroplasmas and phytoplasmas, and provided molecular markers and tools for improving detection and identification of the pathogens.


Dave Kuykendall -2012

Bacterial and fungal pathogens of sugar beet

Dr. Kuykendall's Research in MPPL was dedicated to improving resistance to Cercospora leafspot disease and to Erwinia root rot in sugar beet, Beta vulgaris L.


Robert Owens - 2012


Viroid diseases are responsible for significant losses of food and fiber. Dr. Owens pioneered technology for sensitive detection of viroids. His research further obtained fundamental knowledge about the molecular interactions between viroids and their host, providing key advances toward the control of viroid diseases, and toward test viroid-induced dwarfing strategies to increase citrus production efficiency.


Peter Ueng- 2012

Identifying fungal pathogens in wheat

Dr. Ueng's research was dedicated to improving molecular technologies for Identification and classification of the wheat (Triticum aestivum) pathogens Phaeosphaeria nodorum and P. avenaria, which cause Stagonospora leaf and glume blotch diseases. In addition, his research facilitated the development of disease control strategies is being facilitated through the study of disease resistance markers in wheat and virulence factors in P. nodorum.