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Genbank Submissions (Dr. Davis)
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Spiroplasma clarkii strain CN-5, complete genome

1,558,445 bp circular DNA

Accession: NZ_CP015819.1

Homo sapiens thymidine phosphorylase (TYMP), transcript variant 2, mRNA

1,586 bp linear mRNA

Accession: NM_001953.5

Homo sapiens thymidine phosphorylase (TYMP), transcript variant 1, mRNA

1,598 bp linear mRNA

Accession: NM_001113755.3

Homo sapiens thymidine phosphorylase (TYMP), transcript variant 3, mRNA

1,770 bp linear mRNA

Accession: NM_001113756.3

Homo sapiens thymidine phosphorylase (TYMP), transcript variant 5, mRNA

1,682 bp linear mRNA

Accession: NM_001257989.1

Homo sapiens thymidine phosphorylase (TYMP), transcript variant 4, mRNA

1,718 bp linear mRNA

Accession: NM_001257988.1

Homo sapiens integrin subunit alpha E (ITGAE), mRNA

3,803 bp linear mRNA

Accession: NM_002208.5

Spiroplasma turonicum strain Tab4c, complete genome

1,261,374 bp circular DNA

Accession: NZ_CP012328.1

Spiroplasma kunkelii CR2-3x plasmid pSKU76, complete sequence

7,576 bp circular DNA

Accession: NZ_CP012425.1

Spiroplasma kunkelii CR2-3x plasmid pSKU205, complete sequence

20,501 bp circular DNA

Accession: NZ_CP012424.1

Spiroplasma kunkelii CR2-3x plasmid pSKU226, complete sequence

22,558 bp circular DNA

Accession: NZ_CP012423.1

Spiroplasma kunkelii CR2-3x, complete genome

1,463,926 bp circular DNA

Accession: NZ_CP010899.1

Rattus norvegicus decapping enzyme, scavenger (Dcps), mRNA

1,221 bp linear mRNA

Accession: NM_153302.1

14,283 rc linear transcribed-RNA

  • This entry is the master record for a transcriptome shotgun assembly project and contains no sequence data.
Accession: GHNR00000000.1

4,256 bp linear mRNA

Accession: NM_006682.3

Spiroplasma melliferum strain AS576 chromosome, complete genome

1,320,490 bp circular DNA

Accession: NZ_CP029202.1

Spiroplasma melliferum strain AS576 plasmid psm2, complete sequence

34,281 bp circular DNA

Accession: NZ_CP029201.1

1,320,490 bp circular DNA

Accession: CP029202.1