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Monsoon '90 Bibliography
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Water Resources Research, Vol. 30, No. 5, May 1994

MONSOON '90 Multidisciplinary Experiment

Foreword (Paper 94WR00426) Soroosh Sorooshian and Robert Gurney

Preface (Paper 93WR03068) W. P. Kustas and D. C. Goodrich

Interpretation of surface flux measurements in heterogeneous terrain during the Monsoon '90 experiment (Paper 93WR03037) D. T. Stannard J. II. Blanford W. P. Kustas W. D. Nichols, S. A. Amer, T. J. Schmugge and M. A. Weltz,

Surface energy balance estimates at local and regional scales using optical remote sensing from an aircraft platform and atmospheric data collected over semiarid rangelands (Paper 93WR03038) W. P. Kustas M. S. Moran, K. S. Humes, D. L Stannard, J. Pincer, Jr., L. E. Hipps, E. Swiatek and D. C. Goodrich

An evaluation of atmospheric corrections of radiometric surface temperatures for a semiarid rangeland watershed (Paper 93WR03056) Eileen M. Perry and M. Susan Moran

Bidirectional properties and utilizations of high-resolution spectra from, a semiarid watershed (Paper 93WR03058) J. Qi, A. R. Huete, E. Cabot, and A. Chehbouni

Toward the development of a multidirectional vegetation index (Paper 93WR03063) A. Chehbouni, Y. H. Kerr, J. Qi, A. R Huete, and S. Sorooshian

Evaluation of hydrologic parameters in a semiarid rangeland using remotely sensed spectral data (Papa 93WR03066) M. S. Moran, T. R. Clarke W. P. Kustas, M. Weltz, and S. A. Amer

Variability of emissivity and surface temperature over a sparsely vegetated surface (Papa 93WR03065) K. S. Humes, W. P. Kustas, M. S. Moran, W. D. Nichols, and M. A. Weltz

Comparison of laser and field measurements of vegetation height and canopy cover (Paper 93WR03067) Mark A. Weltz, Jerry C. Ritchie and H. Dale Fox

Push broom microwave radiometer observations of surface soil moisture in Monsoon '90 (Paper 93WR03057) T. Schmugge, T. J. Jackson, W. P. Kustas, R. Roberts, R. Parry, D. C. Goodrich, S A. Amer, and M. A. Weltz

Estimation of effective aerodynamic roughness of Walnut Gulch watershed with laser altimeter measurements (Paper 93WR03055) Massimo Menenti and Jerry C Ritchie

Use of ground-based remotely sensed data for surface energy balance evaluation of a semiarid rangeland (Paper 93WR03064) M. S. Moran, W. P Kustas A. Vidal, D. I. Stannard. J. H. Blanford, and W. D. Nichols

Local energy flux estimates for unstable conditions using variance data in semiarid rangelands (Paper 93WR03084) W. P. Kustas, J. H. Blanford, D. I. Stannard, C. S. T. Daughtry, W. D. Nichols, and M A. Weltz

Use of remote sensing and reference site measurements to estimate instantaneous surface energy balance components over a semiarid rangeland watershed (Paper 93WR03082) K S. Humes W. P. Kustas, and M. S. Moran

Basin-scale solar irradiance estimates in semiarid regions using GOES 7 (Paper 93WR03059) R. T Pinker, W. P. Kustas, I. Laszlo, M. S. Moran, and A R Huete

Interactions between regional surface fluxes and the atmospheric boundary layer over a heterogeneous watershed (Paper 93WR03081) Lawrence E. Hipps, Edward Swiatek, and W. P. Kustas

Runoff simulation sensitivity to remotely sensed initial soil water content (Paper 93WR03083) D. C. Goodrich, T .J. Schmugge, T. J. Jackson, C L Unkrich, T. O. Keeter, R Parry, L. B. Bach, and S. A. Amer