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FQL Scientists

Stephent R. Delwiche (Steve), Research Agricultural Engineer
Studies the methods for non-destructive measurement of physical, biochemical, and morphological properties of grains and their constituents. Characterization of the kernel-to-kernel variability in the composition of grains using spectrophotometer techniques.

William S. Conway, (Collaborator) Research Plant Pathologist
Postharvest pathology of fruits. Studies fungal virulence factors important in postharvest decay and the use of bacteriophages to reduce populations of foodborne human pathogens on fresh-cut produce.

Wayne M. Jurick, II, Research Plant Pathologist
Studies interactions at the cellular and molecular levels between plant pathogens and fresh or fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Identifying and deciphering the regulation of microbial factors affecting the quality of fresh-cut produce.

Yaguang Luo, Research Food Technologist
Studies the impact of fresh-cut preparation and modified atmosphere packaging on physiology, microbial growth, and their interactions.  Assesses and develops postharvest intervention strategies to decontaminate human pathogens on fresh produce while maintaining acceptable quality.

Robert A. Saftner, (Collaborator) Research Plant Physiologist
Research focuses on integrating alternative approaches to maintaining the quality and food safety of fresh-cut produce, particularly fresh-cut apple, cantaloupe, and honeydew products.

Bruce D. Whitaker, (Collaborator) Research Plant Physiologist
Physiology and biochemistry of fruits and vegetables. Studies the role of membrane components and natural products in the bioregulation of fruit and vegetable ripening, senescence, and storage disorders.

Tianbao Yang, (Acting Research Leader) Research Plant Physiologist
Studies molecular biology of fruits and vegetables for maintaining quality by studying genetic mechanisms controlling fruit ripening and softening.

Jiujiang Yu, Research Geneticist (Plant)
Fungal genetics and genomics studies to elucidate the mechanism of fungal infection and mycotoxin production in Penicillium SPP, to identify the gene (s) involved in pathogeneicity and mycotoxin production, and to devise strategy to reduce and prevent postharvest decay of apple during storage as well as reduce mycotoxin contamination in processed fruit products.