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EMFSL Scientists by Research Project

Environmental Fate and Transport:
Design and Implementation of Monitoring and Modeling Methods to Evaluate Microbial Quality of Surface Water Sources Used for Irrigation

Animal Parasites:
Zoonotic Parasites Affecting Food Animals, Food Safety, and Public Health

Dairy Pathogens:
Antimicrobial Resistance and Ecology of Zoonotic Foodborne Pathogens in Dairy Cattle

Yakov Pachepsky

° Cary Coppock
° Billie Jean Griffith

* Jackie Smith
* Matthew Stocker
Mónica Santín-Durán
Jenny Maloney

Nadja George

* Aleksey Molokin
Jo Ann S. Van Kessel
Bradd Haley

° Laura Del Collo
° Jakeitha (Jackie) Sonnier

* Seon-Woo Kim

Sensing Technologies for Food Safety:
Sensing Technologies for the Detection and Characterization of Microbial, Chemical, and Biological Contaminants in Foods

  Produce Contamination:
Characterization and Mitigation of Bacterial Pathogens in the Fresh Produce Production and Processing Continuum

Moon S. Kim
Kuanglin (Kevin) Chao
Alan M. Lefcourt
Walter F. Schmidt

° Diane Chan

* Insuck Baek
* Leigh Broadhurst
* Kyunghwa Cho
* Sagar Dhakal
* Jeehwa Hong
* Chansong Hwang
* Jianwei (Tony) Qin
* Joopil Yang
  Yaguang (Sunny) Luo
° Ellen Turner
* Bin Zhou

Patricia A. Millner

Xiangwu Nou
* Ganyu Gu

Jitendra (Jitu) Patel
* Hsin-Bai Yin

Manan Sharma
° Cheryl East
° Eric Handy

Xianghe Yan

Research Scientists
° Research Support Staff
* Postdoc / Visiting Scientist / Student