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Ngowari Jaja

Soil Scientist


Research Interests

Trained in Soil Science, my overall interest lies in investigating and understanding problems associated with the soil-water-plant systems that would help in providing better solutions in agricultural productivity, soil quality and environmental sustainability of the ecosystems. With the initial focus on soil health, environmental quality and sustainability, my research began with the biogeochemistry of trace metals in soils and waters of disturbed ecosystems relating to management practices and transport of pollutants. Continuing with emphasis on cropping systems involving soil and nutrient management, I examined the different issues which work towards restoring, building, and maintaining the health of the soil as well as environmental quality, concentrating on conservation practices that could easily be adopted by producers/farmers, like the use and management of cover crops, organic matter, nutrient cycling, and tillage systems. Based on the privilege of having operated within the three arms of academia, I have been able to use the results of my research to train and benefit the younger generations as an educator and the farmers as an extension specialist. I am currently investigating the utilization of agricultural, industrial, and municipal byproducts for agricultural production, environmental quality, and sustainability. I look towards using technology to create plant and soil simulation models that are applicable for agricultural and environmental management purposes as I seek new opportunities for collaborative, multidisciplinary research projects.