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Property Descriptions
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Pesticides are listed by the common name of the active ingredients.

Each pesticide file, lists the following properties:

    • CASRN
    • Molecular formula
    • Molecular weight
    • Physical state
    • Boiling point
    • Melting point
    • Decomposition point
    • Heat of vaporization
    • Rate Constants-Hydrolysis, Photolysis
    • Vapor pressure
    • Water solubility
    • Organic solubility
    • Henry's Law
    • Octanol/water partitioning
    • Acid dissociation
    • Soil sorption*
    • Field dissipation*
    • Soil halflife* (aerobic, anaerobic)

*For various soil types.

Files for 334 pesticides are available.

The CODEN LIST is available and is a listing of the references used in compiling the data. A description of the UNITS used in describing the physical and chemical properties is also provided. If you discover errors or omissions please notify us at: