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2DLEAF - Leaf Gas Exchange Model
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Predicting crop production in current and future environmental conditions, and studying the mechanisms of photosynthesis demand a more comprehensive leaf gas exchange model than the empirical models that are currently in use. The 2DLEAF model includes (1) two-dimensional CO2, O2, and water vapor diffusion in the intercellular space schematized according to leaf anatomy, (2) CO2 assimilation by mesophyll cells, and (3) stomatal movements as a regulating factor. The model was used in (1) studies of the effect of leaf anatomy (stomatal aperture, stomatal density, internal leaf structure) on photosynthesis and transpiration of soybean, tomato, cotton, tobacco, and 37 wild plants, (2) estimation of the leaf gas exchange components (diffusion and assimilation) for wild-type and transgenic tobacco leaves, (3) analysis of the leaf gas exchange of eight genotypes of Pima cotton.