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Richard Sicher
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Bunce, James, Plant Physiologist
Fleisher, David, Agricultural Engineer
Reddy, V.R. Plant Physiologist
Sicher, Richard, Res. Plant Physiologist
Timlin, Dennis, Soil Scientist
Ziska, Lewis, Plant Physiologist

Post Doc Research Associates


Dr. Richard Sicher

2005Interactive effects of inorganic phosphate nutrition and carbon dioxide enrichment on assimilate partitioning in barley roots
2005Exogenous trehalose alters Arabidopsis transcripts involved in cell wall modification, abiotic stress, nitrogen metabolism, and plant defense

Changes of soluble protein expression and leaf metabolite levels in Arabidopsis thaliana grown in elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Responses of nitrogen metabolism in N-sufficient barley primary leaves to plant growth in elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide
2001Adjustments of net photosynthesis in Solanum tuberosum in response to reciprocal changes in ambient and elevated growth CO2 partial pressures
1999Photosynthetic enhancement and conductance to water vapor of field-grown Solanum tuberosum (L.) in response to CO2 enrichment
1998Yellowing and photosynthetic decline of barley primary leaves in response to atmospheric CO2 enrichment
1997Relationship of photosynthetic acclimation to changes of Rubisco activity in field-grown winter wheat and barley during growth in elevated carbon dioxide
1996Rubisco activity is altered in a starchless mutant of Nicotiana sylvestris grown in elevated carbon dioxide
1994Responses of Nicotiana tabacum to CO2 enrichment at lowphoton flux density