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Full Text (.pdf) Publications by First Author

Bunce, James, Plant Physiologist
Fleisher, David, Agricultural Engineer
Reddy, V.R. Plant Physiologist
Sicher, Richard, Res. Plant Physiologist
Timlin, Dennis, Soil Scientist
Ziska, Lewis, Plant Physiologist

Post Doc Research Associates


Dr. Kate George

 2007 Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration and Temperature Across an Urban-Rural Transect


Dr. Soo-Hyung Kim

2007Temperature dependence of maize under elevated CO2.pdf
2006Canopy Photosynthesis, Evapotranspiration, Leaf Nitrogen, and Transcription Profiles of Maize in Response to CO2 Enrichment   (supplemental data)
2004Bending Alters Water Balance and Reduces Photosynthesis of Rose Shoots
2004Effect of Shoot-Bending on Productivity and Economic Value Estimation of Cut-Flower Roses Grown in Coir and UC Mix
2004Quantification of Photosynthetically Active Radiation Inside Sun Lit Growth Chambers
2003A Coupled Model of Photosynthesis, Stomatal Conductance and Transpiration for a Rose Leaf