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David Fleisher
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Full Text (.pdf) Publications by First Author

Bunce, James, Plant Physiologist
Fleisher, David, Agricultural Engineer
Reddy, V.R. Plant Physiologist
Sicher, Richard, Res. Plant Physiologist
Timlin, Dennis, Soil Scientist
Ziska, Lewis, Plant Physiologist

Post Doc Research Associates


Dr. David H. Fleisher


2008Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Water Stress Effects Potato Canopy Gas Exchange Water Use and Productivity
2007Evapotranspiration in controlled environment chambers A comparison between time domain reflectormetry and accumulation of condensate


Temperature Influence on Potato Leaf and Branch Distribution and on Canopy Photosynthetic Rate



Approaches to Modeling Potato Leaf Appearance Rate



Modeling Expansion of Individual Leaves in the Potato Canopy



Effect of Temperature Perturbations on Tomato Quality and Production Scheduling



Adaptation of SUBSTOR for Controlled-Environment Potato Production with Elevated Carbon Dioxide


Manipulation of tomato fruit quality through temperature perturbations in controlled environments


Modeling and control for closed environment plant production systems


Preliminary analysis of plant response to environmental disturbances in controlled environments


Software for multiple crop production in advanced life support systems


An optimal control strategy for crop growth in advanced life support systems



Computer model for full scale phytoremediation systems using rhizofiltration processes