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CSGCL Grants & SCA

Investigator: Dr. L. Ziska  
Project Number: 1275-11210-001-01R
Collaborator & Agency: Department of Energy

Secondary Succession & Species diversity Along A Natural CO2 Temperature Transect

Investigator: Dr. V.R. Reddy  
Project Number: 1275-61660-004-07S
Collaborator & Agency: Dr. Jennifer Taylor
Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL.
Testing Decision Support Systems At The Small Farm Level

Investigator: Dr. D. Timlin   
Project Number: 1275-61660-003-11S
Collaborator & Agency: Dr. Russell Brinsfield
University of Maryland, Queenstown, MD.
Mechanistic Process-Level Crop Simulation Models For Research And On-Farm Decision Support

Investigator: Dr. D. Timlin   
Project Number: 1275-61660-004-13S
Collaborator & Agency:  University of Maryland,
College Park, MD.
Development Of Databases For Modeling Corn And Potato