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x The yellow oyster mushroom, Pleurotus citrinopileatus, is both beautiful and edible. Download the image.

USDA Agency Captures Science in Action with New Featured Photos Page

By Jan Suszkiw
June 12, 2018

Seeking bold, unique and unusual scientific images with a nexus in agriculture? Then look no further. Starting today, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) will post the first in an ongoing series of high-resolution images depicting science in action—from mites magnified thousands of times their size, to fluffy, wide-eyed chicks.

Today's debut image—of a bold, beautiful and edible yellow oyster mushroom—can be viewed on the ARS Featured Photo site and the image carousel on the agency's home page. The photo, like others to follow every other week, includes brief captions and links to feature articles and other information about the nationwide efforts of ARS’ 2,000 scientists to find solutions to agricultural problems affecting Americans every day.

The images, captured by professional photographers with the ARS Office of Communications, are in the public domain and available for download, including as desktop wallpaper should a photo resonate with a viewer.

Archived photos will be housed in the ARS Image Gallery, itself a valuable resource that can be accessed at

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