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2018 News Archive

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December 21 USDA Agricultural Research Service Ready for 2019 after Stellar 2018 Performance
December 19 Genome Published of the Small Hive Beetle, a Major Honey Bee Parasite
December 18 Crops’ Unruly Cousins Get Royal Treatment in New Book by ARS and Co-authors
November 19 USDA Scientist Receives Daniel E. Salmon Award
October 31 Coconut Oil Compounds Repel Insects Better than DEET
October 24 Scientists Identify Genes and Proteins Plants Use to Redirect Nitrogen
September 10 White-Tailed Deer: A Potential Host for Rift Valley Fever
August 30 USDA Scientist Receives the Borlaug Field Award
August 27 Transferring Sorghum’s Weed-Killing Power to Rice
August 21 James N. Seiber Delivers 2018 ARS Sterling B. Hendricks Memorial Lecture at ACS National Meeting
August 6 Innovative Approach to Breeding Could Mean Higher Yields and Better Crops
August 3 July 2018 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Now Available
August 2 International Research Team Finds Correlation Between Genetics and Obesity Is Modified by Diet
August 1 Sir Peter Crane Delivers 2018 ARS B.Y. Morrison Memorial Lecture at ASHS Conference
July 16 New Test Can Determine Nitrogen Levels in Soil
July 2 Species Shifts in the Honey Bee Microbiome Differ with Age and Hive Role
June 14 Scientists Refine 'Profile' of a Fungal Tree Killer
June 12 USDA Agency Captures Science in Action with New Featured Photos Page
June 11 Steven B. Heymsfield Presents 2018 ARS W.O. Atwater Memorial Lecture
June 8 ARS Scientists Are Working to Ensure Safe Waterways in Georgia
May 23 Previously Unknown Rice Blast Resistance Isolated
May 22 Grass-Cast: A New, Experimental Grassland Productivity Forecast for the Northern Great Plains
May 8 USDA Scientist Named Finalist for Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal for Groundbreaking Food Allergy Work
April 24 Tick Control Program Reveals High Level of Infection in White-Footed Mice
April 23 Earth BioGenome Project Could Hold Solutions for Agriculture's Future
April 18 Food Waste Resonates Beyond the Trash Bin
April 9 Affinity for Alcohol Could Lead to a Control Mechanism for Ambrosia Beetles
April 4 New Trap Better at Snaring Stable Flies
March 29 Soil Bacterium Tapped for Penicillin Guard Duty
March 26 Research Reveals a New Direction for Halting the Citrus Greening Epidemic
March 22 Nuts for Calories!
March 15 All Hail the Whole Grain!
March 14 Crops Hold Onto Harmful Mutations That Reduce Productivity
March 13 ARS Scientist Leads $1 Million Funded Consortium to Seek Honey Bee Disease Controls
March 8 More Definitive Food Profiles
February 26 ARS Hall of Fame Scientist Ernest James Harris Dies
January 26 January 2018 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
January 24 Alternative Antibiotic Gives Piglets a Boost