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2014 News Archive

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December 22 New Test Counts Total Phenolics in Fruits and Veggies
December 10 Using Weedy Rice Traits to Boost Cultivated Rice Yields
December 3 Delicious, Nutritious, and a Colorful Dish for the Holidays
December 2 Using Poison-Frog Compounds to Control Fire Ants
November 25 Detailed Images Aid Studies of Beneficial Wasps
November 25 Moisture Meter Technology for In-shell Peanuts Licensed
November 24 Test Alteration Simplifies Diagnosis of Poultry Diseases
November 24 Ins and Outs of Beneficial Nematode Movement
November 24 Artful Work of Fungi at the ARS National Agricultural Library
November 24 New Switchgrass Variety Promises More Biofuel at Lower Cost
November 24 Rooting Out the Best Genes in Apple Rootstocks
November 24 Certain Compounds Stimulate Mosquito Taste Receptors
November 24 Finding Long-term Links between Weather and Cattle Production
November 24 New Issue of ARS Food and Nutrition Research Available
November 24 Tannic Acid Has Potential to Reduce Allergenicity of Peanuts
November 24 Pelting Weeds with Particles Instead of Spraying Them with Herbicides
November 21 Researchers Discover Rust-resistance Genes in Sunflower
November 20 USDA Opens VIVO Research Networking Tool to Public
November 19 Brain Images Focus on Stress Eaters' Neurological Response to Comfort Foods
November 17 USDA Researchers Identify Stink Bug Attractant
November 14 Boosting Butanol's Role in the Biofuel World
November 5 Green Alternative for Controlling Native Stink Bugs in the Southeast
October 31 First Linkage Map of Creeping Bentgrass Completed
October 29 Literature Searches Benefit from Location Tagging
October 27 New Imaging Technique Leads to Better Understanding of Freezing in Plants
October 24 Assessing Cotton Fiber Quality from a Tiny Sample
October 22 Fun, Friendly Website Helps Teens Eat More Veggies
October 20 New Issue of Healthy Animals Is Now Online
October 16 Fruit Pest's Favorite Aromas Turned Against It
October 14 Studies Steadily Advance Cellulosic Ethanol Prospects
October 10 Latest Update of USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Released
October 8 Protecting the Flavor of Mandarin Oranges
October 3 Detecting and Preventing Disease in Trout
October 1 Sniffing Out the Source of Beef Manure Odor
September 29 Tool Helps Track Insects Blowing In the Wind
September 26 Using Local Lakes to Safeguard Regional Water Quality
September 24 Choosing the Right Season for Applying Chicken Litter in the South
September 22 Fungi Eyed to Tackle Weedy Menace of American West
September 17 Compound from Bacteria Could Be Useful Against Pecan Scab
September 15 2,000 Bull Project Targets Cattle Traits
September 10 Four Scientists Named to Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame
September 9 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Honors Scientists of the Year
August 28 New Lure Target's Almond Enemy No. 1: Navel Orangeworm
July 14 Process Turns Barley into High-protein Fish Food
July 10 Reducing Fertilizer Use with a More Accurate Soil Test
July 7 Calcium Makes for an Environmentally Friendly Pickle
July 3 ARS Scientists Help Improve Soil Carbon Calculations
July 1 Orange-fleshed Honeydew: Ripe for Beta-carotene Analysis
June 30 Nanoparticle-based Coating Helps Stop Water from Beading
June 23 Researchers Study New Class of Animal Deworming Agent
June 17 Peter Raven Receives U.S. National Arboretum's Medal of Excellence
June 16 Using Tree Tannins to Target Manure Odor
June 11 USDA Research on Climate Change, Effects of Warmer Winters Published in PLOS ONE
June 9 New Approach to Studying Fungus' Attack on Soybeans
June 2 New Method Distinguishes Yellow Perch Females from Males
May 27 Sending Algae into Space to Probe Plants in Extreme Environments
May 22 Pig Breed Serves as Ideal Model for Human Obesity Research
May 19 From Bad to Worse: Scientists Confirm Worms Are Eating Slug Bait
May 15 Survey Reports Fewer Winter Honey Bee Losses
May 12 Scientists Scrutinize Role of "Supershedder" Cattle in E. coli O157:H7 Contamination
May 1 Potato Pest Dissected for Clues to Better Controlling It
May 1 Taming Extreme Environments by Exploring Algae in Space
April 29 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 28 A Closer Look at Links between Fertilizers and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
April 24 Using Fire to Keep Rangelands Viable for Grazing
April 23 USDA Research Shows Potential Impact of Climate Change on Rangeland Plants
April 21 Some Cows' Infertility Linked to Y Chromosome
April 17 USDA Researchers Simplify Pyrolysis Processes for Bio-oil Production
April 14 New Ornamental Tung Tree Available
April 11 On the Trail of Fire Ant Pheromones
April 7 Looking to Wheat's Wild Ancestors to Combat an Evolving Threat
April 3 Scientists Develop New Way to Make Food Ingredient from Rice Bran Oil
March 31 Tactic for Pasteurizing Raw Eggs Kills Salmonella, Doesn't Harm Egg Quality
March 27 A New Probiotic Improves Pig Health, Reduces Manure Output
March 24 USDA Researchers Improve Newcastle Disease Classification System
March 20 Dietary Products: Some are Under-researched, Over-marketed
March 17 New Reference Book Lists Uses and Origins of Important Plants
March 13 Disinfecting Honey Comb with Ozone
March 10 Coated Seeds Could Encourage an Early Start for Spring Planting
March 6 Flavor Secrets of Hass Avocados Probed
March 3 New Avian Influenza Sampling Method Saves Money
February 27 Effect of Mom's Obesity on Baby's Bone Health Explored
February 24 Puree-processing Technology Expands into New Markets
February 24 Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young Named ARS Administrator
February 20 Carbon Sequestration Not So Simple in Biomass Crop Production
February 18 A New Tool for Identifying Key Soybean Genes
February 13 Priming Plant Defenses with Aspirin-like Compound
February 10 Heat and Pressure Treatment May Affect Allergenic Proteins in Peanuts
February 7 Botulism-causing Toxins Detected Promptly by ARS-developed Test Strip
February 6 Researchers Study Myelin to Help Improve Piglet Survival
February 3 Potatoes Could Step Up Performance under Climate Change Pressure
January 31 New Issue of ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Now Online
January 30 Pampering Anjou Pears: ARS Studies Explore Storage Ideas
January 28 Delivering Vaccines Chicks Can Gobble Up
January 27 U.S. National Inventory Created for Wild Relatives of Important Crops
January 24 Catfish Industry Embraces USDA Pond Management Research
January 23 Specialty Greens Pack a Nutritional Punch
January 21 Researchers Study Hydromulches with Guar Gum Substitutes
January 16 In the Field, the Right Flower Arrangement Can Improve Organic Pest Control
January 13 Deciding When to Spray: Sometimes It Is More than Just Numbers
January 9 New Rice Competes with Weeds, Offers High Grain Quality to Boot