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2003 News Archive

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December 31 New, Quicker Tests Identify E. coli Strains
December 30 Gentler Hens for Poultry Production
December 29 New Sugar Beet Line Combines Disease Resistance, Smooth Roots
December 24 A New Defense Against Insect Pests
December 23 Studying The Differences in Watersheds
December 22 New Protocol Offers Early Diagnosis of Sugar Beet Disease--And More
December 19 Sugar Tapped for New, Edible Adhesives
December 18 Examining the Many Faces of Xylella
December 17 Ivory Crisp Potato Makes Tasty Chips
December 16 Groundbreaking for New Horticultural Research Facility
December 15 New Sensing System Counts Corn in a Field
December 12 December Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
December 12 Amaryllis Featured in Arboretum Exhibit
December 11 Veneman Marks 50th Anniversary of ARS
December 10 NAL Upgrades AGRICOLA Online Public Catalog
December 10 Old Soil Study Uncovers Value of Long-term Nitrate Research
December 9 On the Front Lines Against Scaley Invaders
December 8 Scientists Investigate Childhood Nutrition Mystery's Causes, Effects
December 5 Helping Stored Alfalfa Keep Its Protein
December 4 Study Addresses Need for Clean-Water Sediment Goals
December 3 "Blueberry Bird" Honors USDA Blueberry and Strawberry Breeding
December 3 ARS Developing New, Disease-Resistant Citrus Rootstocks
December 2 Boosting Potatoes' Natural Ability to Protect Themselves
December 1 Designing the Best Possible Conservation Buffers
November 28 What Genes Help Grapevines Battle Pierce's Disease?
November 26 A Comeback for Soy-Based Bread?
November 25 Mowing in Fall Before Adding Herbicide May Help Control Weeds
November 24 Science Makes Farming More Productive, Environmentally Friendly
November 21 Spicing Up Insulin Sensitivity
November 20 Process Packs Protein into Snacks
November 19 USDA Announces Unified Food Safety Research Agenda
November 18 Seeing Salmonella Move Through Pigs
November 17 Expansion Begins on USDA Forage Research Facility
November 14 Gulfprince Peach Makes Market Debut
November 13 ARS Scientist Leads National Effort To Decipher Beetle's Genes
November 12 USDA, Mexican Research Agency Sign Agreement To Bolster Joint Research
November 10 ARS Research Improves Food Availability, Safety
November 7 Compounds Zap Grapevines' Worm Enemy
November 6 Project Takes Swat at Cattle-Biting Flies
November 5 Flood Irrigation Study Helps American Indian Tribe
November 4 A Shortened Wait to Discover If Apple Tree's a Dwarf
November 3 USDA Agricultural Research Agency Turns 50
October 31 October ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
October 31 10-Year Head Start Helps ARS Play Vital Role in Nutrition Program
October 30 High-Tech River Rocks Track Thunderstorms' Strength
October 29 New Approach to Fighting Exotic Newcastle Disease
October 28 Major Agricultural Research Center Leading the Way in "Going Green"
October 27 Handling-System Changes Can Reduce Grain Mixing
October 24 Some LDL-Cholesterol Particles Are Worse Than Others
October 23 Study Tracks Childrens' Attitudes About Athletic Abilities
October 22 National Agricultural Library Purchases Document Delivery Software
October 22 Proposal to Identify Key Corn Genes Wins Top Award
October 21 New Pinto Bean Offers High Yields, Disease Resistance
October 20 Groundbreaking Today for New USDA Horticultural Lab
October 17 New Defense Against Hessian Fly May Lie in Insect's Saliva
October 16 New ARS Technology Cuts Cotton Gin Noise
October 15 Automatic Poultry Inspection Goes On Line
October 14 High-Tech Devices Help Gauge Calories Burned
October 10 Peanut Farmers Have a Suite Deal
October 9 Boosting Vitamin E in Corn and Other Crops
October 8 Beetle is Possible Biocontrol Against Skunk Vine
October 7 Flowering Alfalfa Yields High-Protein Feed on Northern Plains
October 6 ARS Facility Cuts Pesticide Use by 75 Percent
October 3 New Test to Improve Plum Pox Monitoring in Stone Fruit
October 2 ARS Releases New Blackberry Cultivars
October 1 Sound BASIS for Relating Sediment Flow, Stream Health
September 30 Study Shows Tea Consumption Lowers Blood Cholesterol
September 29 "Sewing" the Soil: A Quicker Way To Measure Soil Compaction
September 26 Tiny Transmitters Gauge Cricket Movements
September 25 New Evaluation Traits for Dairy Cattle
September 24 Scientists Identify Wasp's Chemical Cue for Marking Whiteflies
September 23 Smooth Roots Mean Smoother Processing for U.S. Sugar Beets
September 22 Absorbent Polymer Has "Thirst for Knowledge"
September 17 Two Scientists Inducted Into ARS Hall of Fame
September 16 New Method Developed for Measuring Vitamin B12
September 15 Measuring Dust on Feedlots
September 12 Orange Peel Carbohydrates May Have Health-Promoting Properties
September 11 Imaging System Detects Contaminants on Poultry
September 10 Searching South America for Sharpshooter Biocontrols
September 9 New "Moon Cake" Soybean Makes a Splendid Vegetable and Forage
September 8 USDA Agency Initiates Program to Enhance Base of DVM-Ph.D.s
September 8 Wired Insects Electrify Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Research
September 5 Colored Mulch Can Help Cotton, Carrots--and Basil, Too
September 4 Ammonia Measuring Methods to Be Evaluated at ARS Lab
September 3 Louisiana Gets New Sugarcane Variety, Plus Improved Harvesting and Processing
September 2 Losing Weight May Lower Cholesterol, Boost Immunity
August 29 Peppers To Die For: These "Hot" Plants Could Protect Strawberries -- and More
August 28 Plant Guide Is Helping Reseed the American West
August 27 Nickel Deficiency Causes Pecan Tree Disease
August 26 New ARS Human Nutrition Research Buildings Dedicated
August 25 Nicole Apricot -- A Flavorful New Fruit From ARS
August 22 Attractive Lure Beckons Anastrepha Fruit Flies
August 21 Harmonizing Everglades Restoration With South Florida Agriculture
August 20 New USDA Vegetable Laboratory Dedicated Today
August 19 Making Cents Out of Weed Seed Banks
August 18 ARS Has Key Role in Sequence Project Aimed at Tomato Menace
August 15 New Corn Lines May Be Good for the Heart
August 14 Using Management Zones to Help in Precision Ag
August 13 Get Your Heart-Friendly, Blight-Resistant Peanuts
August 12 Old Asian Battle Renewed in South Dakota Soybean Fields
August 11 ARS Scientists Present Findings at Society Meeting
August 8 Ensuring an Apple a Day
August 7 Liquid Oxygen Saves Channel Catfish During Harvest
August 6 Composting Research Improves a Time-Tested Technique
August 5 Fungus on Tap to Fight Whiteflies, Other Pests
August 4 Preserving Weed Seeds for Science
August 1 Scientists Link Nutrition, Eye Health
July 31 New Finding on Bacterium Linked to Disease of Orange, Grapes
July 30 Latest Version of USDA's Premier Nutrient Database Released
July 29 Nutritious "Smoothie" Mix May Energize Honey Bees
July 28 Newly Approved Fungus May Help "Clean Up" Cotton
July 25 Natural Compound May Curb Losses Caused by Snails
July 24 Remote Sensing May Make Forage Analysis Faster, Easier
July 23 Nation's First Flower Genebank Celebrates 2nd Birthday
July 22 Purple Rice Marks the Spot
July 21 New Wheatgrasses Set to Appear on Pasture
July 18 Similar Swine Diets May Actually Be Different
July 17 Apricots--Exotic and Familiar--Protected in National Collection
July 16 Larger Portions May Lead Children To Overeat
July 15 ARS, Mexico Work to Develop New Breeds of Lesquerella
July 14 Operation Full Stop Means "Lights Out" for Termites
July 11 System for Counting and Identifying Insects Hits Market
July 10 ARS Scientists May Bring Relief to Peanut Allergy Sufferers
July 9 More Tender Beef, Thanks to Vitamin D
July 8 Feedlots and the Environment
July 7 Vegetative Mulches May Help Commercial Farmers
July 3 July Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 3 Got Water? New Tester Fine-Tunes Irrigation Systems
July 2 New Method Speeds Up Pesticide Residue Monitoring
July 1 Spud Hub Checks for Postharvest Quality in Tubers
June 30 ARS Builds Mock Village on Farmland To Measure Runoff Effects on Water Quality
June 27 Historic Photo Collection of Soybean Exploration Trip Featured at NAL
June 26 Muscling in on Meatier Trout
June 25 Charting Asian Longhorned Beetles' Roaming Habits
June 24 Flea Beetle Getting at Root of Invasive Weed Problem
June 23 ARS, Industry Partnerships Yield Innovations for Consumers, Farmers
June 20 Apache Apricot Offers Springtime Sweetness
June 19 National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory Looks Forward--and Back
June 18 Again, No-Till Proves Its Worth
June 17 Trout DNA May Help Improve Fish
June 16 Bird Barrier Decreases Pond Plundering by Cormorants
June 13 ARS Employees Receive USDA, Presidential Awards
June 12 New Gel Bait Now Available for Fire Ant Control
June 11 National Bonsai and Penjing Museum--a Sight to Behold
June 10 Wireless Networking System to Deliver Precision Agriculture Data
June 9 Device to Gauge Erodibility of Soil Can Aid Watershed Planners
June 6 Diet and Aging--Exploring the Link
June 5 Fruit and Vegetable Bounty Is Well Protected
June 4 Study Tracks Obesity Among U.S. Hispanic Children
June 3 Turfgrass May be Carbon Sink
June 2 Promising New Compound for Fending Off Insects
May 30 Tractor Tire Needs May Vary in No-Till and Conventional Farming Systems
May 29 Study Investigates Health Benefits of Barley
May 28 ARS Insect Lab Identifies Beetle Threatening Ash Trees
May 27 New Tool on Tap for Fighting Listeria
May 23 A Fertility Test for Beneficial Insects
May 22 Testing the Fortitude of Iron in Cereals
May 21 Possible Natural Cure for Sugar Beet Leaf Spot
May 20 Conservation Tillage: A Grower's Drought Assistant
May 19 Pact May Lead to Heartier, Multipurpose Bluegrass
May 16 Scientists Explore Crop-Made Prebiotics to Bolster Gut Bacteria
May 15 ARS Research Featured in Pest Management Science Journal
May 14 Study Examines Effectiveness of Dietary Recall Method
May 13 Petal-Power Gene Yields Unique Blossoms
May 12 Hard-Working Wasps Help Protect Apple Crops
May 9 Researchers' New, All-Natural Snacks Nab National Award
May 8 Ceremony Marks National Bonsai, Penjing Museum Reopening
May 7 Scientists Study Behavior of Leading Stored Grain Pest
May 6 Conservation Tillage Gives Record Yields
May 5 New Method to Speed Breeders' Search for Disease-Resistant Beans
May 2 New Vaccine To Fight Salmonella in Eggs
May 1 Researchers Employ Remote Sensing to Track Fire Ants
April 30 New ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
April 30 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
April 30 Natural Aromatic Compound Deepens Red Coloring in Apples
April 29 Beautifying America With Cotton-Waste Mulch
April 28 New Data on Dietary Protein and Bone
April 25 Researchers Map Out Community Nutrition
April 24 Model Helps Cattle Breeders Evaluate Multiple Traits
April 23 Newly Patented Virus Could Help Control Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes
April 22 New, Improved Chickpea Now Available
April 21 A Hormone for Hunger in Humans May Leave Chickens Feeling Full
April 18 Seeking to A-Maize Western Africa With Anemia-Abatement Strategy
April 17 Elderly Hispanics May Lack Vitamin B-12
April 16 Paving the Way for More Widespread Artificial Insemination of Beef Cows
April 15 Nutrient Data Now Available for Home Computers
April 14 Better Way To Deal With Cattle Runoff
April 11 Zapping Sweetpotato Weevils
April 10 New Romaine Lettuces Resist Dieback Disease
April 9 Bakers at Heart
April 8 Algicide Offers New Way to Fight Off-Flavor in Catfish
April 7 A High Demand for Fungi in ARSEF Collection
April 4 Seeking an Edge Over Cattle Diseases Through DNA Sequencing
April 3 ARS Breeding Sheep With Hair--Not Wool
April 2 Biological Clocks "Wake Up" Plants
April 1 Ultrasound Used to Detect Quality Beef
March 31 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
March 31 Zapping Insects With Radio Waves
March 28 Nutrition Detectives Probe Secrets of Vitamin A
March 27 Radio Frequencies Blast Bacteria in Fruit Juice
March 26 Fine-Tuning a Woman's True Caloric Needs
March 25 Effects of Food on Bone Health Probed
March 24 A Low-Cost Collector For Sampling Low-Volume Water Flow
March 21 New Technology for Detecting Turkey Respiratory Virus Now Available
March 20 Boosting the Calcium in Potatoes
March 19 Saving Water for a Rainless Day
March 18 Fish Oil May Help Young Pigs
March 17 Forage Grass From Japan Gets New Life in Southern Plains
March 14 Invention Streamlines Cleaning of Chaffy Seed
March 13 Special Diet for Almond-Pollinating Bees
March 12 New Flavonoid Database Adds to Body of Nutrient Information
March 11 New Research Initiative Wages War on White Mold
March 10 Investigating Foods That May Help Forestall Type 2 Diabetes
March 7 Researchers Work to Rid Catfish of Off-flavors
March 6 Scientists Offer Suggestions to Combat Pecan Vivipary
March 5 Bacterium Tapped to Make Low-Calorie Sweetener for Candies, Gums
March 4 Rising From the Ashes
March 3 An Easier Way to Measure Soil Compaction?
February 28 Tri-State Potato Breeding Program Dishes Out Big Returns
February 27 Patented Microbial Collection Boasts 6,000 Strains
February 26 It's Hip to Get Enough Vitamin K
February 25 Sexual Teasing Could Lead Insects to Fatal Attraction
February 24 Scientist Develops Eco-Friendly and Inexpensive Hair Gel From Soybean and Safflower Seeds
February 21 Exploring Important Medicinal Uses for Watermelon Rinds
February 20 Blue Orchard Bees Help Pollinate Cherries
February 19 New Lint Cleaner Reduces Cotton Waste
February 18 A New, Rapid Laboratory Test for Avian Influenza in the Live Bird Market
February 14 Fowl Manure May Help the Environment
February 13 Scientists Honored for Bringing Technology Out of the Lab and Into the Marketplace
February 12 Veneman Honors USDA's Top Scientists of 2002
February 11 Radio Frequency Puts the Heat on Plant Pests
February 10 New Discoveries Could Help Manage Red Imported Fire Ants
February 7 Beating the $22 Billion Bug
February 6 Pearl Millet: A New U.S. Crop?
February 5 Glomalin: The Real Soil Builder
February 4 Ultrasound Research Helps Speed Cotton Processing
February 3 ARS Preserves Genetic Material for Key Cattle Breed
January 31 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
January 31 Tomato Foe Attacks Other Crops, Too
January 30 New Waxy Spring Wheats Available
January 29 New, Salt-Tolerant Plants Developed
January 28 New Disease-Resistant Soybean Released
January 27 Mobile Unit Accelerates Nutrition Study Participation
January 24 Process Developed by USDA Scientists Makes Swine Wastewater Environmentally Friendly
January 23 High Carbon Dioxide Levels Cause Stress in Barley
January 22 Measuring What Chickens Chug-a-Lug
January 21 Vitamin C Protects Stressed-Out Plants
January 17 Keeping an Eye Out for the Corn Farmer's Best Friend
January 16 Beneficial Fungi Boost Pepper Growth
January 15 Field Testing Reveals Clues Toward a Proper Phosphorus Balance in Soil
January 14 Superb New Spuds from ARS Potato Breeders
January 13 2003 Could Be New Year for GM Corn Mix
January 10 Researchers Develop Smart Wound Dressing
January 9 Protecting Prized Elms: Disease Bacterium Identified
January 8 ARS, Company Work on New Insect Marking Kit
January 7 Vapor--Not Liquid Water--Spurs Seeds' Sprouting
January 6 Ferritin in Soybeans May Be A Good Iron Source for Women
January 3 How Low Does Your Folate Go?
January 2 Fungal Detectives Uncover the Truth About Green Mold