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2002 News Archive

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December 31 Researchers Find Reproductive States of Two Beneficial Fungi
December 30 New Aid for Savvy Stewardship of Southwestern Rangelands
December 27 Insect Pests Find Pet Stores Irresistible
December 26 Fast, Quiet Poultry Vaccination Now Possible
December 24 Estimating Farm Animals' Feed Efficiency
December 23 Doubling Wildrye's Chromosomes Brightens Pasture Grass' Future
December 20 Vineyard Research Yields Yummy Raisins
December 19 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online (2)
December 19 Hybrid Bell Pepper Is Latest Bad News for Nematodes
December 18 Pumping Up Better Insulin Efficiency
December 17 Electrical Stimulation of Chicken Carcass Makes Meat More Tender
December 16 Title
December 13 New Production System for Cotton Yields Big Results
December 12 Pear Bars Capture Orchard-Fresh Flavor
December 11 Frozen Food Discoveries Win National Science Award
December 10 Across-Government Science Site Highlights ARS Research Information
December 10 Computers Predict Harvest Readiness for Major Crops
December 9 Calcium-Fortified Cereals Help Kids Meet Needs
December 6 Nutrition Can Curb Tooth Loss in Elderly
December 5 Dark-Orange Carrots Deliver More Beta-Carotene
December 4 Sun, Sand, and ... Soy
December 3 Studying Hispanic Cheese May Help Scientists Improve Other Cheeses
December 2 ARS Oil-Refining Technology Gives Baby Formula a Boost
November 29 Brighteners Shine Light on Control of Diamondback Moth
November 27 How to Keep Produce Kicking After the Clock Starts Ticking
November 26 "MelonMan" Gets Ripe Melons to Market
November 25 Blueberries May Boost Brain Power
November 22 Robust Plants' Secret? Rubisco Activase!
November 21 Easy, Inexpensive Test Detects Tuberculosis in Livestock and Wildlife
November 20 Genome Sequencing Completed for Major Dairy Cattle Microbe
November 19 New Equipment Allows Easier Drip Tape Installation and Removal
November 18 Wasp Eyed as Sunflower Ally
November 15 Arboretum To Be Featured on Cable TV Show
November 14 Proposal to Shake Down Protozoans Wins Top Award
November 13 Canola Oil and Fungal Mixture May Help Stop a Hopper Scourge
November 12 Chinese Pigs Help U.S. Researchers
November 8 New Trap Kills House Flies
November 7 Insect Pair Stalls Everglades Invader
November 6 Researchers Identify Daylily Threat
November 5 Students, ARS Team Up to Fight Sheep Disease
November 4 Papaya Research Garners Alexander von Humboldt Award
November 4 Leptin Targeted in Research on Obesity, Pregnancy
November 1 Global Warming Puts the Freeze on Seed Yield (to a Degree)
October 31 Defeating Cotton's Pink Bollworm
October 30 Is the Mystery Carbon Hidden Under Grass?
October 29 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted (3)
October 29 Zinc's Antioxidant Potential Probed
October 28 Ag Field Management Model Now Better, Faster
October 25 Illinois Company Licenses High-Fiber Fat Replacer
October 24 Riparian Buffer Zones Help Clean Chesapeake Bay
October 23 ARS Helps Grape Growers
October 22 Making Manure-Borne Pathogens Stay Put
October 21 USDA Helps Launch Free, Portable Nutrient Database
October 18 Ground Broken Today for New Poisonous Plant Research Lab
October 18 Nutritive Value Booklet Makes A Handy Kitchen Reference
October 17 Renewed Focus on Drainage Research in 2002 -- the Year of Clean Water
October 16 Planting Aid Helps No-Till Farmers
October 15 Groundbreaking for New Biological Control Lab
October 11 Zapping Hawaii's Pesky Fruit Flies, Grid by Grid
October 10 Dealing With Drought: What Ranchers Should Know Before Independence Day
October 9 A High-Tech Look at Soil Composition
October 8 Pollen Collection Helps Plot the Past
October 7 SWAT Team Targets Water Pollution
October 4 Improved Weed-Management Practices Protect Watershed Lakes
October 3 Lady Bird Johnson Receives First Arboretum Gold Medal Award
October 2 Web Site Available on Bt Corn
October 2 Greenbug-Resistant Wheat Now Available
October 1 New Cacao Selections Offer Sweet Relief to Chocolate Growers
September 30 Detecting Possible E. coli Contamination on Fruit and Produce
September 27 A Gardener's Delight: Curtis's Botanical Magazine
September 26 Agency Debuts Feisty New Pear
September 25 Do Iron Pots Enrich the Foods Cooked in Them?
September 24 September 24, 2002
September 24 New Genus and Five New Species of Moths Discovered in Colorado
September 23 SALSA Science Helps Water-Scarce Southwest
September 20 Mapping the Bovine Genome To Help Cattle and Humans
September 19 Future Brightens for Light-Based Carcass Inspection Device
September 18 Three Scientists Inducted Into ARS Hall of Fame
September 17 Spectacular Water Lilies Add to Arboretum's 75th Anniversary Celebration
September 16 Sheep Genes May Aid Medical Researchers
September 13 New Rice Line Could Benefit Malnourished Populations
September 12 Mildew-Resistant Hops May Be Adopted by Brewing Industry
September 11 Tallying the Trees in the Nation's Capital
September 10 On-Farm Testing for Pathogens on the Horizon
September 9 Environmentally Friendly and Effective Termiticide Available for Licensing From USDA
September 6 Glomalin, the Unsung Hero of Carbon Storage
September 5 Soda May Be Too Popular With Teens
September 4 Snail Treatment Reduces Fish Disease in Commercial Production Ponds
September 3 Modified Soybeans May Be Less Allergenic
August 30 Automated Chicken Inspection Ready To Commercialize
August 29 Bioconversion Yields New Oil-Based Compounds
August 28 USDA Celebrates Research That Eradicated the Screwworm
August 27 Fewer Chemicals May Give You Fewer Weeds
August 26 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted (2)
August 26 Smart Weed Whacker Takes Guesswork Out of Spraying
August 23 Keeping Cattle Fever Ticks Away From U.S. Herds
August 22 Groundbreaking Today for ARS Western Human Nutrition Research Center
August 21 Fresh Fruit Gets a New Protective Coat
August 20 Beetle Pheromone Lures Both Sexes
August 19 Honey Boosts Effectiveness of Parasitic Wasps
August 16 USDA Seeks Comments on National Agricultural Library Report
August 16 Pre-Conditioning for Hot Weather May Aid Birds
August 15 USDA Updates Core Nutrient Database
August 15 Gene Jockeys Fight Fusarium
August 14 Beneficial Bacteria Help Thwart Apple Disease
August 13 Historic Chihuahuan Desert Laboratory Dedicates New Facility
August 12 Tracking Movement of Cattle With Satellites
August 9 Montana Research Facilities To Expand
August 8 Pigeonpea May Fill Seasonal Forage Gap
August 7 Hi-Tech Camera "Tastes" Apples to Ensure Quality
August 6 Gene May Help Prevent Mastitis in Dairy Cows
August 5 A Vision of Safe Meat
August 2 Milk Protein Used to Make Edible, Water-Resistant Film
August 1 Story Title
July 31 USDA, DOE Team Up to Produce Bioenergy
July 30 A Faster Way to Tell Look-alike Leafminer Flies Apart
July 29 Studies Evaluate Pollution-Fighting Polyacrylamides
July 26 New Blueberry Blooms Late, Ripens Early
July 25 Narrower Row Spacing Boosts Corn Yields
July 24 New Stilt Bug Species Discovered
July 23 How the Beet (Armyworm) Goes On
July 23 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online (1)
July 22 Dietary Mineral Status Key to Cadmium Toxicity
July 19 Drought Makes Farmers Mind Their Peas and Sunflowers
July 18 Lush, Indigenous Plants Rise From Brown Landscape
July 17 New Cotton Production Model Available on the Web
July 16 Alfalfa as a Fuel--and a Plastic?
July 15 New Feeder Curbs Pregnant Sows' Hoggish Ways
July 12 Presidential Award for ARS Veterinary Medical Officer
July 12 Post-Harvest Orchard Cleanup May Deter Mexican Fruit Flies
July 11 U.S. and China Unite to Fight Soil and Water Pollution
July 10 Tips for Keeping Cattle Cool This Summer
July 9 Operation Full Stop 2002: Reduction in Termite Numbers Signals Success
July 8 ARS Personnel Earn High USDA Honor Awards
July 5 Scientists Monitor Bt Protein in Corn Ethanol
July 3 A New Use for Kenaf
July 2 New Thermal Remote Sensing System Scans Crops
July 1 Nematodes Fight Biobattle Against Biting Flies
June 28 Bison Disease Battled by Scientists
June 27 Scientists Gear Up to Counter Soybean Rust Disease
June 26 Caffeine Foils Snails
June 25 Chicken Feather Follicles Don’t Harbor Bacteria
June 24 Making Tomatoes More Nutritious
June 21 Breakfast Is Key to Achieving Maximum Nutrition
June 20 Iowa Fields Are Focus of Moisture Detection Experiment
June 19 Wasps to the Rescue
June 18 High-Carbohydrate Diets Net Lower Calorie Levels
June 17 Sunflowers May Be "Rubber Factories"
June 14 Sunbutter--a Peanut Butter Alternative
June 13 Historical Maryland Wye Oak Photos Featured on NAL Web Site
June 13 Dietary Habits Associated With Esophageal Cancer
June 12 Friendly Bacteria Help Fight Potato Rot Fungi
June 11 Arboretum Awards Medal to Lady Bird Johnson
June 10 E-mail Lists Tell What's New for Kids at Science Web Sites
June 10 Bugs Behind the Scenes at Natural History Museum
June 7 Dinosaur Monument Study May Help Stop Mormon Cricket Scourge
June 6 FANTESK-tic Fried Shrimp
June 5 Scientists "Sketch" Genetic Profile of Honeybee Attacker
June 4 Watermelon Shows Its Lycopene Stripes
June 3 Peter R. Young Named National Agricultural Library Director
May 31 Scientists Take on Termites at the Capitol
May 30 New Trap To Control Silverleaf Whiteflies
May 29 U.S. National Arboretum--Still Beautiful at 75
May 28 Unruly Arundo Donax Targeted by Weed Experts
May 24 New Sorghums Thrive Under Typical U.S. Day Length
May 23 New Way to View, Identify Minute Pests
May 22 Salt-Tolerant Forages for Irrigated Areas
May 21 Moisture in Cotton: Getting It Just Right
May 20 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted (1)
May 20 Protecting Cotton Seedlings From Fungal Attack
May 17 Another Grape Compound Shows Promise as Cancer-Preventing Agent
May 17 In Its 75th Anniversary Year, Arboretum Hosts International Bonsai Symposium
May 16 Homocysteine Still Incriminated in Heart Disease
May 15 Spray Weeds With Vinegar?
May 14 Spinning System Produces Core-Wrapped Yarn in a Single Step
May 13 Insect Remains Are Better 'Suited' for Fight Against Pests
May 10 Discerning Parasites Is Key to Risk Assessment
May 9 Caterpillar-Repelling Corn Now Available
May 8 ARS Scientists To Receive Technology Transfer Awards Today
May 7 Cat’s Out of the Bag: New Catfish Line Outperforms Others
May 6 Survey Giant Salvinia with Remote Sensing?
May 3 Yield-Boosting Bacterium for Soybeans Earns Kudos
May 2 Scientists Close In on New Aphid Threat to Soybeans
May 1 Swine Germplasm Added to National Collection
April 30 Resistant Broccoli’s DNA Used in Fight Against Downy Mildew
April 29 Straw-Fiber Packaging Within Grasp Soon
April 26 Catching Grasshoppers the Old-Fashioned Way
April 25 Wood-Chip Trenches Keep Nitrate Runoff in Check
April 24 Protein and Calcium Interplay Important to Bone Health
April 23 Water-borne Pathogen Not Always What It Appears To Be
April 22 Groundbreaking Held for New Invasive Plant Quarantine Facility
April 19 Secrets of Blue Orchard Bees Revealed in New Book
April 18 A System to Get Cows FIT
April 17 Boards and Resin From Guayule?
April 16 Biofuel Gets Less Expensive
April 15 Corn Protein Could Reduce Ethanol Production Costs
April 12 Exercise Prevents Muscle Loss From Low-Protein Diets
April 11 ARS Research May Lead to Tastier Tomatoes
April 10 Researchers Flame-Proof Cotton Carpeting
April 9 ARS Method Shows Promise for Decontaminating Groundwater
April 8 Researchers Breed New Bean for Export Markets
April 5 Researchers Join the Fight Against Peanut Allergens
April 4 Research Center Is Customer for Largest-Ever Single Biodiesel Contract
April 3 Bio-based Research a Success Story for ARS
April 2 A Recipe That Will Really Warm You
April 1 ARS and Frito-Lay Chip Away at Fumonisins
March 29 Save a Tree, Use Some Feathers
March 28 Nutrition Research Zooms in on Zinc
March 27 Online Nutrient Directory Caters To Consumers
March 26 Biodegradable Lubricants Developed from Alternative Crops
March 25 Zinc and Iron Interplay Explored
March 22 Test Allows New Subclass of Soft Wheat for Everything from Crackers to Flat-Bread
March 21 Studies Probe Soil Microbes
March 20 Corn Helps Check Soybean Cyst Nematodes in No-Till Fields
March 19 New Pecan Pest Identified
March 18 Edible Food Wraps Win National Award
March 15 Selenium's Secrets Probed
March 14 Diverse Coalition Investigating Water Quality in the Northwest
March 13 Hassle-Free Harvesting Ahead for Baby Greens
March 12 United States, South Africa Cooperating on FMD Vaccines
March 11 Scientists Study Better Ways to Sanitize Fruit and Vegetables
March 8 Veneman Launches Arboretum's 75th Anniversary Celebration
March 6 ARS Scientists Devise New Test for E. coli O157 in Water
March 5 New Wheat Flour Helps Cut Fat, Keeps Bread Fresh
March 4 Researchers Track Parasite Contamination
March 1 New Test May Help Increase Sheep Production
February 28 Corn Rootworms Pose First Challenge to Decades-Old Pest Control Strategy
February 27 Test Detects Immune-Modifying Poultry Protein
February 26 Helpful Moths May Clobber Climbing Fern
February 25 Consortium Kicks Off Tech Exchange in American Tropics
February 22 Better Genes, Not Pills, for Healthier Animals
February 21 New Starch Removal Process Could Change Corn Wet Milling
February 20 'CATTS' Perfect for Zapping Apple Pests
February 19 ARS Aims for Tender Chicken
February 15 New Book Focuses on Nitrogen’s Effect on the Environment
February 14 Scientists Honored for Transferring Technology to Marketplace
February 13 Agency Scientists Win Top Research Awards
February 12 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
February 12 Herbs Can Spice Up Your Antioxidant Protection
February 11 Unraveling the Genome of an Alfalfa Relative
February 8 Long-Term Weather Predictions Could Help Farmers
February 7 Grasshopper Management Information Available From ARS
February 6 Bt Corn Poses 'No Significant Risk' to Monarchs
February 5 ARS News in Spanish Now Available on the Internet
February 5 New 'Virtual Laboratory' Connects Researchers, Industry to Microbial Models
February 4 Unstained Soybeans for Perfect Tofu
February 1 Scientists Collar Mystery Sunflower Pest
January 31 Some Like Their Peppers Hot--Others, Not
January 30 Researchers Continue to Improve Red Bean Quality
January 29 Woody Ornamentals Thriving in Midwest
January 28 Michigan Ash Disease Mystery Solved
January 25 New Alfalfa May be Ideal for Poor Soils
January 24 Old Man Winter May Rob Banks
January 23 Renovated USDA Research Building to Reopen
January 22 Seductive Beetle Dines on Fruit Weed
January 18 Targeting the Sharpshooter
January 17 Controlling Crop Pests With Baculoviruses
January 16 Faster Way to Improve Wheat
January 15 Scientists Study Early Warning Stress Indicator in Animals
January 14 National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation to be Dedicated Today
January 11 Protecting Perishables From Package Pests
January 11 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
January 10 Fat-Storing Protein: A Diagnostic Tool for Heart Attack, Stroke Risk?
January 9 New Crop Can Mine Nickel at a Low Cost
January 8 Device That Reduces Poultry Dust Has Added Benefit
January 7 Biopesticide on Tap Against Aflatoxin
January 4 New Nest Egg: Poultry Litter Ash as a Fertilizer
January 3 Better Mosquito, Tick Repellents in the Wind?
January 2 Bee Experts Provide Answers on the Internet