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1998 News Archive

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December 31 Christmas Trees and Currants May Someday Grow in More States
December 30 High-Protein Bean May Improve Soy Infant Formula
December 29 Flying-Insect Trap Could Ease Lady Beetle Nuisance
December 28 Preparing for a New Citrus Pathogen
December 24 Test to Detect Grain Insects Tops List of Postdoc Projects
December 23 Suicidal Plant Gives Researchers Insights on Iron
December 22 Sweet Potatoes: Could Holiday Favorite Become Tomorrow's Fast Food?
December 21 Shipping Fever Vaccine Nears Market
December 18 New Book Catalogs Peach, Nectarine Varieties
December 17 Potato Offers Resistance to Late Blight Disease
December 16 New Ways to Put Peanut Weeds “Down Under”
December 15 New Test for Soil Salinity and Sodicity
December 14 Glickman Says Research May Help Curb Manure Odor
December 11 ARS Animal Improvement Programs Lab Honored by Government Executive
December 10 Dress Rehearsal: Researchers Pass “Bird Flu” Test
December 9 Hidden Bacterium Plays Key Role in Poinsettia Height, Branching
December 8 Protecting Chickens from Salmonella Starts With the Egg
December 7 Two New Peas for Freezers--at Home and the Supermarket
December 4 ARS Fat Replacer Shines Again
December 3 International Conference on Methyl Bromide Opens Here
December 2 Plump New Apricot Readied for Growers, Gardeners
December 1 Finding and Preserving Native American Grapes
November 30 Bee Chemical Surprises Scientists
November 27 New Ways to Process Hides into Leather
November 25 Trees Are Crops, Too--Even in a Pasture
November 24 USDA Announces Fall Harvest Gleaning from Research Labs
November 23 USDA Scientists Turn Hide-Tanning Waste into High-Value Products
November 20 Wheat Breeding Line a “Perfect 10” Against Powdery Mildew
November 19 USDA Scientists Develop Alluring Bait for Mexican Fruit Flies
November 18 Protecting Turkey Eggs Is Key to Continuing Thanksgiving Tradition
November 17 New Apparatus Should Help Farmers Detect Herbicides
November 16 Hydroponics an Option for Growing Strawberries Without Methyl Bromide
November 13 Robin Hood Fungus Presents Agricultural Dilemma
November 12 Device Protects Chickens From Salmonella at Hatching
November 10 New Lure Attracts Worst Yellowjacket Pests
November 9 Hurricane Georges Reveals Smaller, Quieter Menace in New Orleans Trees
November 6 New Flours from Tomorrow's Wheats
November 5 A Little Water and Time Go a Long Way to Reclaim Desert Range
November 4 Gene Bank at the Park
November 3 Hormone May Explain African-American Girls' Higher Metabolism
November 2 USDA Releases New Tomatoes With Increased Beta Carotene
October 30 Long-Term Experiments Key to Understanding Farmland Ecosystems
October 29 Bacteria May Turn a Weed into a Weakling
October 28 Mesquite-Eating Insects Get New Australian Home
October 27 New Chart Could Put the Squeeze on Sedges
October 26 U.S. and Ecuador Work Together to Preserve Peanuts
October 23 Forgotten Camellia Extends Flower's Growing Area
October 22 Rice Researchers Will Aim Even Higher at New Research Center
October 21 Friendly Farm-Based Fungi Protect Peanuts
October 20 New R and D Agreement Explores Uses of Wheat-Based Concrete
October 19 Biotech Tactic May Yield Superior Spuds
October 16 New Manual on How to Feed Marine Mammals
October 15 Plant-Rich Diets Have Antioxidant Power
October 13 New Lease on Life for Linters
October 9 Guardian Angel Protects Peach Trees
October 8 New Grain Sources for Developing a Cereal for Human Food
October 7 New Sugarcanes Sour Pest's "Sweet tooth"
October 6 New Tool Swiftly Tests Soil's Strength
October 5 From Earth to Mars: Structure of CO2 Crystals Helps Interplanetary Studies
October 2 Signal-Sending Plants Identify Their Attackers
October 1 Study Shows Soy Protein Lowers Men's Cholesterol
September 30 Microbes Protect Potatoes from Storage Rot
September 29 Book: Cropland Helps Control CO2 and Ease Greenhouse Effect
September 28 Alien Wood-Boring Beetles Turn up in Six New States
September 25 Karnal Bunt Lookalike Is Unmasked, Helping SE Wheat Growers
September 24 Fuzzy-Faced Bees Take To Cranberry Bogs
September 23 Aircraft-Mounted Sensors Detect Thirsty Plants
September 22 New Margarines Go Softer on the Heart
September 21 Amino Acid Supplement May Help People With HIV
September 18 EGPIC Means No Free Lunch for Insect Pests
September 17 New Summer Seedless Black Grape Developed
September 16 New USDA Web Site Offers Kids a Sneak Peek into the Science Behind Agriculture
September 15 Poison Pill Dooms Pesky Caterpillars
September 14 USDA Group Takes "Health Pulse" of the Delta Region
September 11 New Western Grass Soon to be Roadside-Ready
September 10 Gray Leaf Spot Double Trouble
September 9 Eye-Color Gene May Help Scientists Slow Down a Wheat Pest
September 8 Glass Opens a New Window for Seed Banks
September 4 Scientists Help Plants Protect Themselves
September 3 Flower Classic Gets a New Fire--and Double Life
September 2 Study Probes Potential Health Benefits of DHA
September 1 New Club Wheat Offers High Quality and Disease Resistance
August 31 Castrating Calves Early Is Least Stressful
August 28 Rice Researchers Share Common Goals
August 27 A Better Spread for Your Bread
August 26 Celebrating 50 Years of Genetic Preservation
August 25 Luscious Blackberry Ready for Farms, Gardens
August 24 Breakfast Cereal Lowers Lab Rats' Cancer Risk
August 24 Gene Found for Keeping Citrus Juice Sweet
August 21 Controlled Atmosphere Packaging Keeps Cut Honeydew Melon Fresh Longer
August 20 High-Tech Bacteria On Tap For Toxic Clean-Up Duty
August 19 Formic Acid Gel Protects Bees and People
August 18 Black Women May Need More Vitamin D in Winter
August 17 Device Reveals Bees' Attack Strategies
August 14 Scientists Finger Accomplice of Calf-Killing Parasite
August 14 "Women in Agriculture" Bibliography Available
August 13 What We Eat in America Survey--Results and Future Direction
August 12 New Money-Saving Strategies for Controlling Pecan Scab
August 11 Beneficial Microbes May Guard Bees' Health
August 10 Short, Wild Carrot Is Long on Nematode Resistance
August 7 Laser Illuminates Livestock Menus on the Range
August 6 Scientists Grapple With New Virus Threat to Broiler Industry
August 5 Critter Carriers Speed Spread of Helpful Insects, Mites
August 4 ARS Researchers Develop Quick Test for Costly Pig Virus
August 3 Along Came A Spider...and "Sat Down" Some Crop Pests
July 31 Proper Heat Treatment Kills Deadly E. coli Bacteria in Food
July 30 Gene May Speed Plant Biotech Experiments
July 29 U.S.-South African Cooperation Seeks to Tame Introduced Weed
July 28 Database Makes Fiber Analysis Faster, Cleaner
July 27 Melon-Like Cukes Have Key Disease Resistance
July 24 Managing Water and Nitrogen Using a Site-Specific Center Pivot
July 23 Turkeys: The Good, The Bad, and The Fertile
July 22 Three New Fungi May Be Used as Biological Controls
July 21 Parasites Invade the Internet
July 20 Growing Algae on Dairy Manure
July 17 U.S. National Fungus Collection Available on Web
July 16 Device Speeds Sorting of Helpful Wasps
July 16 New Simple, Inexpensive Test Accurately Detects E. Coli 0157
July 10 Synthetic Sugar Ester Controls Whiteflies, Other Pests
July 9 Too Much Soda May Take Some Fizz Out of the Bones
July 8 Vitamin D Picture Could Be Sunnier For Elders
July 7 USDA Scientists Join Beetle Battle to Protect Florida's Bees
July 6 New Test for Aflatoxin-Fighting Corn
July 2 Lime-Sulfur Bath Curbs Citrus Mold, Rot
July 1 Timing is Everything When Controlling Insects
June 30 In-Stream Wetlands Can Improve Water Quality
June 29 Big Shock Makes Tender Beef
June 26 Tiny Proteins Could Help Cotton Fend off Fungi
June 25 Putting Cattle Out to Pasture Produces Quality Beef
June 24 New Tests to Diagnose Chlamydia in Livestock
June 23 Horseradish Enzyme Could Help Make Anti-Cancer Drugs
June 22 Soybean to Nematode: Resistance is Not Futile
June 19 Device May Aid Pregnancy Monitoring
June 18 Scientists Tackle Aluminum Intolerance in Wheat
June 17 Precise Manure Application Better for Environment
June 16 New Antibody Handcuffs Mastitis Bacteria
June 15 Combating Cockroaches and Their Scum
June 12 Mayaguez Lab Helps Farmers, Consumers Alike
June 11 New Healthful Sunflower Oil Resists Breakdown
June 10 ARS Employees Honored by USDA
June 9 Managing Poultry Manure Reduces Runoff
June 8 For Tiptop Bee Health, Not All Pollens Are Created Equal
June 5 Biopesticides' Potential Aided by U.S.-Mexico Teamwork
June 4 Isolated Colon Cells Make Basis for Cancer Screening
June 3 Thirsty Hybrid Poplars Recycle Irrigation Water
June 2 Surfing for Folate, Selenium and Other Nutrients
June 1 Designer Pine Straw for Mulching and Aesthetics
May 29 ARS Releases New Artillery in the Fight Against Fire Ants
May 28 Research Center Churning Farm Waste Into Compost
May 27 Automated Chicken Inspection Put to the Test
May 26 Wheat Texture is Determined by Two Proteins
May 22 Ag Info Network to Expand
May 21 Corn Rootworms Will Die for Watermelon
May 20 Cool Weather Fungus Could Put Potato Pest on Hot Seat
May 19 Beef Research Figured Into Computer Model
May 18 Twenty Years of Experience Says Sewage Sludge Beneficial
May 15 Presidential Hats Off to Five ARS Executives
May 14 Scientists Win Technology Transfer Honors
May 13 Giant Soybeans Suck Up Phosphorus from the Soil
May 12 Giving Chickens a Firmer Leg to Stand On
May 11 New Corn Lines Ward off Aflatoxin
May 8 New Device Leaves Pests Strung Out
May 7 Gene Gun Blasts New Genes into Garlic
May 6 Ensuring Quality in Fresh-Cut Fruits and Veggies
May 5 Bugs’ Brain Chemicals Could Be Powerful Weapon Against Crop Pests
May 4 Tettnang Aromas from Germany Now Available in U.S. Hops
May 1 New Environmentally Friendly Turfgrass Ready for Golf Courses
April 30 Brazilian Designer Genes May Make Hotter U.S. Petunias
April 29 Sunflower Marks Plant Collection Milestone
April 28 A Little Cement to Help the Corn Grow--and the Landfill Shrink
April 27 Ancient Healing Compounds May Get Boost from Modern Science
April 24 New Device Analyzes Livestock Odors
April 23 Variety is the Spice of Life for Corn, Too
April 22 When Should Military Moms Return to Duty?
April 21 New Biodiesel Fuels Solve Cold-Starting Problem
April 20 ARS Holds Conference on Food Quality and Safety
April 17 New Strategies on the Way to Help Combat Weeds
April 16 USDA Technology May Reduce Milk Fever in Dairy Cows
April 15 Rotating Safflower with Wheat Can Boost Farmers' Profits
April 14 Newly Released Handbook Lists More than 4,000 Potato Pedigrees
April 13 USDA, Russia, NASA and Others Team Up To Give Earth a Physical Exam
April 10 Fractals Speak the Language of the Universe from the Ground Up
April 9 Scientists Seek New Clues on Salmonella
April 8 Green Genes from Transgenic Alfalfa Yields New Products
April 7 Coconut Carbon Can Trap a Used Fumigant
April 6 Scientists Testing New Poultry Vaccine Against Bird Flu
April 3 For Insects, New Device is KISS of Death
April 2 Bt Sweet Corn Sours Hungry Caterpillars
April 1 Erosion Cures May Be Anglers' Friends
March 31 Litter-Corn Mixture Boosts Cattle Weight Gain
March 30 Root System Regulates Whole Plant Growth
March 26 Healthier Foods Could Mean Tastier Foods
March 25 Vegetarians Can Get Enough Zinc and Other Minerals From Food Alone
March 24 Disease-Carrying Ticks in for Trouble
March 23 Special Dietary Needs of Nursing Teenage Moms
March 20 Women May Need More Folate
March 19 USDA Researchers Create New Product That Reduces Salmonella in Chickens
March 18 Research Leads to Better, Insect-Resistant Packaging
March 17 New Detector Spots Unseen Fecal Contamination on Meat
March 16 First Offspring from Super-Cooled Pig Embryos
March 13 Mechanical Harvester Could Revolutionize Citrus Industry
March 12 Virus To Wage Hormonal Sabotage on Corn Earworms
March 11 Near-Infrared Technology Measures Beef Fat Better
March 10 Raw Oysters Can Harbor Intestinal Parasite
March 9 USDA Conference Seeks to Boost Health-Enhancing Foods
March 6 Researchers Aid Efforts to Identify TB in Michigan Deer
March 5 High-Tech Sprayer Zaps Weeds with Less Herbicide
March 4 New Test For Cucumber Mosaic Virus
March 3 Soybean Market Could Triple, Thanks to More Soy Oil in Offset Printing Inks
March 2 Putting the Squeeze on Hay Bales -- and Bugs
February 27 Fungus Among Us: A New Way to Keep Track of Them
February 26 New Procedure Lets Industry Use More Citrus Peel
February 24 New Computer Modeling Program Evaluates Potential Salmonella Risk From Poultry
February 20 In New Century, New Corn Could Cut Phosphorus Pollution
February 19 Company Gets a License to Dye Fruit Flies
February 18 New Transgenic Pigs with Lean Pork Potential
February 17 Common Sense Protects Trees from Leaf Scorch
February 16 Phorid Fly Squadrons Still Battling Fire Ants
February 13 New Corn Lines Resist Aflatoxin, Weevils
February 12 Electropolished Steel Might Positively Repel Bacteria
February 11 Russian Bees Pass Key Test, Ready For Research
February 10 Natural Compounds Protect Fresh-Cut Produce
February 9 Chicken Feathers: Eco-Friendly Plastics of the 21st Century?
February 6 Improved Cotton Ginning Process
February 5 DNA Probes to Identify Horse Worms
February 4 Handbook Underway to Help Unmask New Wood-Boring Beetle
February 3 Natural Streamside Buffers Help Safeguard Water Quality
February 2 Phytonutrient Forum Aims at New Research Partnerships
January 29 Lychees and Longans — No Host for Carib Fly
January 28 An Ounce of Prevention Equals Pounds of Milk
January 27 Rodents Help Seed the Range
January 26 Supplemental Drip Irrigation Increases Banana Yields
January 22 Head Scab Research Gets Funding Boost
January 21 Soybean-Boosting Bug Enjoys Agronomic Success as New Inoculant
January 20 Taking Extra Calcium May Require Added Zinc
January 19 Removing the Pork Connection For a People Parasite
January 16 Red Plastic Could Bloom in Gardens This Year
January 15 By Working Harder, Preemies Can Learn to Bottle Feed Better
January 14 Bt-Resistance Update
January 13 How Plants Make Lignin -- Researchers Begin to Count the Ways
January 12 Immune Response of Elderly Could Get Shot in Arm
January 9 Device Makes Quick Work of Cotton Cleanup Chore
January 8 Syncing Soybeans with Rain Boosts Yields
January 6 Earthworms' Random Foraging Might Be Tamed by Tillage
January 5 Two Colorful New Maples Resist Bugs, Cold
January 2 New Handbook Makes Controlling Leafy Spurge Easier