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1997 News Archive

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December 31 To Guard Mums, Spice the Fungi
December 30 Big, Beneficial Bacteria Discovered
December 29 New Beetle Diet Aids Year-Round Research
December 24 New Gene May Simplify Breeding of Superior Spuds
December 22 Scientists Teach an Old Christmas Plant New Tricks
December 18 Gold in Them Thar Hulls
December 17 Researchers' Egg Vaccines Protect Billions of Chickens
December 16 Eating Habits of Young Children Get Closer Look
December 15 Near- Infrared Means Lights Out for Stored-Grain Insects
December 12 Shedding More Light on Cotton Increases Yields
December 11 Fungal Enzyme Could Help Livestock Retain Phosphate
December 10 BACKGROUNDER: Food Irradiation
December 9 Scientists Scrutinize New Melaleuca Biocontrols
December 8 Fruit Fly Dyeing Continues Overseas
December 4 Software Model Examines Poultry Safety Step-by-Step
December 2 Low Blood Protein May Mean Infection, Not Malnutrition
December 1 Navaho Thornless Blackberries May be Answer to a Soft Market
November 28 U.S.-Bred Tofu Soybeans Offer Farmers Opportunity
November 26 Foiling the Cranberry Fruitworm
November 25 New Laboratory Focuses on Foods That Maintain Health
November 24 Gel Could Stop Two Mites With One Treatment
November 21 Animal Disease Research Tops List of Postdoc Awards
November 20 Muscadine Grapes: A New Health Food and an Alternative Crop
November 19 Tiny Wasp Runs Sting Operation on Tarnished Plant Bug
November 18 Iowa Study Examines How to Sustain Watersheds
November 17 Trees and Crops Could Supplement Livestock on Small Farms
November 14 New Farm Software Even Pumps Simulated Gas into the Tractor
November 13 Premature Infants Benefit from Dual Feeding Approach
November 12 Researchers Find Frugal, Flavorful Abalone Substitute
November 11 New Agricultural Library Publication Focuses on Animal-to-Human Diseases
November 10 Borer Thwarted by Its Appetite and a Fungus
November 7 Agricultural Library Photo Collection Documents U.S. History
November 6 More Corn Seed Can Mean Less Weed Seed
November 5 Helpful Wasp Recruited to Fight Cotton Pest
November 4 Brucellosis Vaccine for Cattle May Also Work for Bison
November 3 Nationwide Hunt Starts For Chicken Microbes
October 31 International Conference on Methyl Bromide Opens November 2
October 30 Scheduling Irrigation Pays Off for Farmers
October 29 New Bioherbicide Controls Several Weeds
October 28 Broiler Chicks May Benefit from Spicier Feed
October 27 Musky Lure Proves Fatal Attraction for Major Corn Pest
October 24 New Diagnostic Tool Will Aid in Eradicating Cattle Tuberculosis
October 23 "Autumn Royal" Grape Is a Luscious Aristocrat
October 22 New Sugarbeet Germplasm Released to Plant Breeders
October 21 New Soybean Germplasm Line Resists Insects
October 20 USDA Opens New Compost Facility
October 17 Using Steam Without Cooking, New Device Kills Bacteria on Meat
October 16 Bees Help Maintain Plant Collection
October 15 New Instrument Helps in Determining Wheat Quality
October 14 Physician Uncovers Clues on Lactose Intolerance and Hunger
October 10 Floral Gems: "Tipper" Makes Its American Debut
October 9 Clear Vision Calls For Long-Term Investment in Vitamin C
October 8 Poultry To Get High-Tech Boost from Science
October 7 Citrus Could Get Microscopic Ally in Battle of the Rots
October 3 Red Plastic Mulch Thwarts Nematodes
October 2 Glue That Makes Good Soil Found
October 1 Hard Oats Stand the Test
September 30 Leptin Fading As the Answer to Human Obesity
September 29 Protein May Speed Screening of Tomatoes, Taters, Eggplants
September 26 New Lines of Guayule Released--New Source of Rubber
September 25 Almond Tree Disease Remains a Tough Nut to Crack
September 24 Harmless Fungus Protects Cotton Plants
September 23 Computer Program Aids Beekeepers
September 22 White Powder Anchors Farmland Soil
September 19 Tagging Nutrients in Vegetables Enhances Research
September 17 Food Safety Is Major Concern of Food Shoppers
September 16 Cotton Growers Can Sleep Late for Better Armyworm Control
September 15 Surplus from Science Helps Feed the Hungry
September 12 An Improved Forage Grass for Cows
September 11 Breeding Lines Show Promise Against Hessian Fly
September 10 Research Gives Clues to Reduce Herbicide Leaching
September 9 Corn Breeding Enters a New Era
September 8 Future Cotton Lines Could Resist Two Major Diseases
September 5 Chinese Soybeans to Deepen U.S. Gene Pool
September 4 Superb Apricot Offered to Growers
September 3 Two New Integrated Pest Management Projects Underway
September 2 Wasp Venom Points to New Pest Control
August 29 Mouth-Watering New Fruits
August 28 Smoking Out Bee Mites
August 27 Squeezing Fat Out of Foods
August 26 Eastern Gamagrass Surviving Drought
August 25 Do Children’s Growth Standards Need Refinement?
August 22 Winter Wheat Gets New Resistance to Hessian Fly
August 21 ARS Helps Grass Growers Produce Seed Without Field Burning
August 20 Alfalfa Bees Prove Their Carrot Competence
August 19 Scientists Seek to Relieve Crops of Drought Stress
August 18 Microwave Scale Takes a “Hands-off” Approach
August 14 Obesity Research Could Lead to Leaner Pork
August 13 New Potatoes Don’t Need a Warm-Up Before Chipping
August 12 Wheat Bran's Possible Role in Fighting Colon Cancer Explored
August 11 Two Strawberries Found to be Rich in Ellagic Acid
August 8 Safeguarding Mulberry Trees
August 7 Scientists Fight Fungi With Fungi to Protect Tomato Plants
August 6 Drought Relief Spelled “A-E-R-E-N-C-H-Y-M-A
August 5 Lyme Disease-Fighting Project In Northeast To Enlist Deer
August 4 Medium is Well Done for Detecting Harmful Salmonella
August 1 Fractals for Farming
July 31 New Lure May Help Conserve Helpful, Sterile Medflies
July 30 Okra-Leaf-Shaped Cotton May Increase Profitability
July 29 New Equations Reduce Chance of Water Pollution From Dairy Manure
July 28 Untapped Hot Pepper Holds Key to Nematode Resistance
July 25 Hairy Experience Can Frustrate Leaf-Infecting Fungi
July 24 Global Climate Change: What Can Farmers Expect?
July 23 Black Butte Is Heavyweight Among Blackberries
July 22 Double Trouble May Loom Ahead for Deer Tick
July 21 New, Patented Machine Developed to Re-Bind Cotton Bales
July 18 Computer Model Will Help Farmers Protect Yields and Water Quality
July 17 Hormone Could Make Suckers the Baitfish of Choice
July 16 Soil “Detective” Helps Farmers
July 14 "Chefs" Cooking Up Trouble for Colorado Potato Beetle
July 11 New Heart-Healthy Onions on the Horizon
July 8 Sensing the Soil’s Depth Cuts Fertilizer Use--and Pollution Risk
July 8 Fly Release Is Latest Step in Fire Ant Biocontrol Strategy
July 7 New 'Mason' Lentil Promises High Yields, Easier Harvest
July 3 New Three-Pronged Attack on Sugarcane Pest
July 2 Zinc Helps Children Think
June 30 Mass Rearing Beneficial Bugs to Control Pest Insects
June 26 Tracking the Genetic Music to the Ears of Corn
June 24 Elk Study May Help Cattle
June 23 Fire Blight Goes Under Wraps
June 18 Mow-Plow Tillage--The Best of Both Worlds
June 17 New Laboratory Designed to Study Livestock Behavior
June 16 Heart-Healthy Compound Found in Peanuts
June 12 New Gin Dryer is More Efficient and Gentle on Cotton
June 11 ARS Employees Honored by USDA
June 10 Exhibit Displays Versatility of Bamboo
June 6 Joint Project Seeks Higher-Strength Cotton Fiber
June 5 New Test May Finger Disease-Carrying Insect
June 4 Today’s Blue-Plate Special: Treats for Beneficial Bugs
June 3 Micro-Images of Cotton Are to Dye For
June 2 No More Coddling the Proverbial Worm in the Apple
May 29 Fungus Is a Crop-Friendly Weed Whacker
May 28 Potato Late Blight May Be Arrested Earlier
May 27 Trickle-L Group Offers Online Expertise to Growers, Gardeners
May 23 Helping Honeybees Withstand Mites and Winter
May 21 A Close-Up Look at Cotton Fibers
May 20 Process May Enhance Rice Cake Flavor
May 16 Ranking Soldier Flies
May 15 How Chemicals Seep into the Aquifer
May 14 Hairy Vetch Mulch System Moves to Poland
May 13 Piglets, Pituitaries and Chilly Temperatures
May 12 Research Counterattack Against New Sorghum Fungus
May 9 New Test Speeds Search for Aflatoxin Biocontrol
May 8 Scientists Identify Chemical That Triggers Plant “SOS” Call
May 7 Cloudy is Good--When It Pertains to Citrus Juices
May 5 USDA Chemist Elected to National Academy of Sciences
May 1 Computer Monitors Changing Rust Risk in Wheat
April 30 Model Provides Major Advance in Controlling Water Erosion
April 29 Keeping Fuji Apples Fresh
April 28 New Clues on Salmonella
April 25 Beetles: Number One Exotic Pest Intercepted at U.S. Ports
April 24 Irrigating on “Scheduler” for a Bigger Yield Forecast
April 23 Fermenting Fungi Faster to Quell Whiteflies
April 21 Scientists Seeking Hard White Wheats for Soft Asian Noodles
April 17 Commercial Traps Control Wayward Bees
April 16 Estimates for Basal Metabolism Inaccurate for African American Girls
April 15 Less Irradiation Would Still Stop Fruit Pests
April 11 Biocontrol Duo Gang up on Armyworms
April 9 Snap Beans Fingered as Calcium Source for Youths
April 9 Dieters' Responses Slowed in Study
April 8 Berry Good Food for the Brain
April 7 Too Little Magnesium Makes One Work Harder
April 4 Snooping on the Sound of Sediment
April 3 New “Pineapple” Orange Coming for Florida Growers
April 2 Natural Chemical Found in Avocados Kills Fruit Flies
April 1 Plum of a Rootstock May Boost a Premium Almond
March 31 WeedCast Predictions Save Farmers Money
March 28 Cloned Gene May Benefit Cattle Feeders, Plastics Manufacturers
March 27 New Way to Grow Broccoli Cuts Chemicals, Saves Water and Protects Soil
March 26 Formulas to Help Microbes Clean Up Toxic Waste
March 25 New Technique Extracts Potential Cancer-Fighting Agent From Citrus
March 24 Dumping on House Flies
March 21 Computer Program Predicts Presence of Food Pathogens
March 19 Six-Legged Italian Imports to Double-Team a Spiny Weed
March 19 MOSES Will Part the Flood of Watershed Data
March 18 Lean, Mean Fighting Machine Needs Fat
March 17 Scientists to Map Battle Plan Against Aquatic Weed
March 14 More Vernonia Seeds=More Vernonia Oil
March 13 New Rice Is Hot Item on Seed Companies’ 1997 Menu
March 12 Can Soil Microbes Rescue Strawberries and Peaches from Disease?
March 11 New Viburnum Wins a Gold
March 10 Migrating Moths Can Fly High, Far, and Fast
March 7 Meadowfoam Blooms as Alternative Crop
March 6 Newly Discovered Bacterium in Pigs May be More Widespread Than Thought
March 5 “RP-HPLC” Says a Mouthful About Flour Quality
March 4 National Arboretum Celebrates 70 Years of Scientific Discovery
March 3 Sap Beetles’ Attractant Aids Control
February 27 Computer Model Aids Grain Managers
February 26 Grazing Animals Prefer Afternoon Hay
February 25 Improving Quality of Fresh-Cut Produce
February 24 Corn Wax Makes Toxin Wane
February 21 Boron Supports Bone Growth
February 20 USDA Seeks Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Quarantine Security
February 19 Trying to Blight a Fungus with Biotechnology
February 18 More Fat in Bossy’s Diet Helps Baby Calves Stay Warm
February 14 Tiny Thrips Have Big Role in Pollinating Mahogany
February 13 If It's a Rose by Any Other Name, You Could Look It Up
February 12 USDA Signs Research Pact to Test New Irradiator Against Foodborne Pathogens
February 10 More Folic Acid in Diet Cuts Risk to Heart
February 7 New Bean Lines Resist Golden Mosaic Virus
February 5 Precision Agriculture: Giving Plants Just What they Need
February 4 Teenage Moms Require Formula Boost
February 3 American Fish Farmers Could “Clean Up” with Chinese Carp
January 31 Virus-Resistant Melon Lines Released
January 30 Fire Ants: A Look at New and Old Approaches to Control
January 29 Nutritional Deficiencies Affect Behavior
January 28 Whitefly Scientists Review Progress
January 24 Sustaining Texas Agriculture During Drought
January 23 Scientists’ Corn Seed Gets Microbial Coat Against Harmful Fungi
January 23 First Romosinuano Calf: It’s a girl!
January 22 Guayule Latex Process Is Licensed
January 21 One or Two Drinks a Day Can Lower Vitamin B
January 17 “Sweeping” Weeds Off the Wheat Field
January 16 Safe Corn Pest Bait Expected to Slash U.S. Insecticide Use
January 15 Plants Sip Instead of Gulp, to Yield More Cotton
January 14 Gene Offers Key to Cleaner Paper-Making, Better Feeds
January 13 Air-Dropped Lure May Force Gypsy Moth to Dispense With Sex
January 10 Tanners Might Replace an Old Salt With a Potassium One
January 9 Rising CO2 Could Affect Fertilizer Needs
January 7 Tropical Sorghums Being Primed for Cooler Zones
January 6 Nature Versus Nurture: A Formula for Goats
January 3 Sunn Hemp: Speediest Cover Crop?
January 2 Biotech Wheat for Finer Breads