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National Program 215: Grass, Forage, and Rangeland Agroecosystems
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Stakeholder Workshop~March 15-17, 2011

Denver, Colorado


      NP215 Workshop Agenda 


      NP215 Workshop Attendees


     Rangeland Research - Ev Byington

     Northern Plains Area Office Welcome & Overview - Mickey McGuire

     Securing Energy through Strategic Partnerships - Kevin Kephart

     Future of Livestock Improvement - Mark Boggess

     Climate Change Issues & Needs - Ev Byington

     NRSAS Overview - Ev Byington

     Results of Retrospective Assessment Panel - Jim Dobrowolski

     CEAP Overview - Mark Weltz & Leonard Jolley

     Global Food Security Luncheon Presentation - Ev Byington

Breakout Groups

     Breakout Group Listing

     Compiled Breakout Notes

     Green Group (West) Presentation

     Green Group (West) Presentation 2

     Rangeland Management Presentation


     NP215 Selected Accomplishments Brochure

     Global Food Security Luncheon Presentation Inputs