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National Program 213: Biorefining
Action Plans
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Biorefining Action Plan 2014-2019

The goal of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Biorefining National Program (NP 213) is to conduct research that enables new, commercially-viable technologies for the conversion of agricultural materials into fuels, value-added co-products, and biobased products.  To achieve this goal, this Action Plan was designed to meet the following criteria:

For the full text of the Biorefining Action Plan (in pdf format), please click here.


Bioenergy Action Plan 2008-2012

ARS bioenergy research both exploits opportunities and overcomes problems associated with bioenergy production; and integrates the needs of feedstock development, feedstock production, and biorefining (including biorefinery coproducts) into a single program that maximizes the impact of ARS research. Although ARS makes appropriate use of portfolio approaches to address the research needs of a diversity of bioenergy systems, the bulk of ARS research is focused on producing and biorefining cellulosic feedstocks. The best outcome from ARS bioenergy research would be to enable the integration of sustainable bioenergy production into existing U.S. agricultural systems without disrupting existing agricultural markets for food, feed or fiber. This desirable goal guides ARS plans in its Bioenergy National Program.


For the full text of the Bioenergy Action Plan (in pdf format), please click here.