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National Program 213: Biorefining
Strategic Vision
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Effective: October 1, 2017

To expand on the increased demand for agricultural products that benefit both agricultural producers and rural communities, Biorefining Research, NP 213 has merged with Product, Quality and New Uses, National Program 306.


Program Vision & Relevance


The ARS Biorefining Program enables new commercially-viable technologies to


(1) convert materials and byproducts from agriculture and for food production into fuels and other marketable products, and

(2) reduce risks and increase profitability in existing industrial biorefineries.


Whenever possible, research under the Biorefining Program is closely coordinated with ARS research at the USDA Regional Biomass Research Centers so as to integrate

expanded commercial biorefining capacity with agricultural production systems as quickly as possible. 

Projects in this Program - by State

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