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Rebecca Sloop Bio



I am a native of Southern California. I lived in Oceanside, California until I was hired by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA FSIS) in June of 2000. I worked for eight years as a consumer safety officer in East Los Angeles and loved it! Life sometimes presents us with opportunities to change grow. So when my mother moved to Oregon, I came with her and was fortunate to be hired by Phil Dailey at the ARS Corvallis location.


After obtaining an administrative position with ARS, I went back to college and earned my MBA in Human Resource Management and Bachelors in Information Technology from American Intercontinental University in March, 2013. I am the secretary for a local non-profit organization and often volunteer at various events. I have been in my position as Administrative Support Assistant since 2008. It has been a challenge at times due to frequent vacancies in the location staff, but I enjoy my work and the interaction with a very diverse group here in ARS. I have been a member of OSAC in the Pacific West Area for the past two years and am very excited about serving as a member of the NACOP team now.