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NACOP Conference Information
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National Advisory Council for Office Professionals

Conference Information

2013 Conference


Theme:Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome 
Dates:November 13-14, 2013 































Leesburg, VA 

General Sessions

  • Overall Activities and Funding Status of Agency - Dr. Caird Rexroad, Associate Administrator, ARS 
  • Change - Sandy Miller-Hays, Chief of Staff, ARS
  • General Travel and Introduction of Concur - Janelle McClintock, Branch Chief, Travel Policy & Systems 
  • Administrative and Financial Management Activities in ARS - Joon Park, Deputy Administrator, ARS
  • Toot Your Own Horn - Dr. Sharon Drumm, Chief of Staff, Office of National Programs

Breakout Sessions

  • Travel and Concur, Janelle McClintock, HQ
    • Open Forum for Q&A
    • Troubleshooting
  • T&A/WebTA- Michelyn Boyd, HQ
    • Pay and Leave policies and programs
    • How they affect T&A processing
    • Completing T&A's first and last pay periods
    • Common errors in webTA/accounting/less than 90 day appointments
    • Lump sump payments
    • On boarding and separating employees
    • Leave for family care and bereavement/voluntary leave transfer program
    • Credit time overtime/compensatory time/comp travel
  • Correspondence - Cathy Lonaberger, HQ
    • Need a refresher in ARS format?
    • Are you new to ARS?
    • Are you using the ARS Correspondence manual?
    • Proper clearance procedures
    • Sending correspondence by email
  • Work Life Programs- Liz Parker
    • Telework and Mobility
    • EAP and WorkLife4You
    • Wellness
  • Bullying - What It Is and How to Deal With It- Jeff Schmitt, ODEO
    • Learn to distinguish between harassment and bullying.
    • Become aware of some of the current influences in society that contribute to bulling and how you can minimize their impact.
    • Learn mechanisms to address your next perceived "bullying" situation.
  • AgLearn - Sherell Brooks, HQ
    • The Advantages of Online Training
    • Be Proactive about your Career
    • Choosing the Right Course
    • Accessing AgLearn Resources
    • Developmental Opportunities
  • Excel/SharePoint/PowerPoint - Rosetta Proctor, NP
    • Tips, tricks and shortcuts
    • Please choose your two preferred topics:
      • Excel
      • Sharepoint
      • PowerPoint
  • Portal Use- Karen Brindle, HQ
    • The purpose of the Portal
    • The roll-out of the new Portal design
    • How the new Portal will be able to help work flow
  • Foreign Nationalsand Processing- Keisha Risby/Cathy Walker - HRD
    • Foreign nationals eligible for federal employment.
    • Visas used for employment of foreign nationals
    • Immigration Laws
    • Appropriations Laws related to the employment of foreign nationals.
  • Grants and Agreements - Kim Hicks, NPS
    • News, updates and changes to the Agreement Process
    • Updates to ARIS/AIMS and how to navigate the changes
  • Purchasing for Non-Procurement Personnel- Sabrina Brown, AFM
    • Cardholder Responsibilities and Expectations
    • Declined Transaction
    • Mandatory and required Sources for Supplies/Services
    • What you can and cannot purchase with the purchase card

Speaker Bios (pdf attached)

NACOP Group Photo


General Session


2010 Conference

Theme:Rising to the Challenge-Soaring to New Heights
Dates:August 18-19, 2010
Location:Norman, OK




















General Sessions

Breakout Sessions



2006 Conference

Theme:Partnership for Success
Dates:May 8-11, 2006
Location:St. Louis, MO
PresentationsAvailable here
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  • Set-up (Council Members)
  • Opening Night Reception and Registration
  • Family Feud Game (during the Opening Night)
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  • Around The Town
  • 2003 Conference

    Theme:Quest to be the Best: Striving for Professional Excellence
    Dates:April 21-25, 2003
    Location:New Orleans, LA
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  • 2000 Conference

    Theme:Odyssey 2000: Meeting the Challenge
    Dates:April 21-25, 2003
    Location:Hunt Valley, MD
    Photo Gallery:
  • (May 2000) Hunt Valley, MD