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Mentoring Guidelines
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National Advisory Council for Office Professionals

Mentoring Guidelines

One of the objectives of the National Advisory Council for Office Professionals (NACOP) is to assist in the development and presentation of requisite training and mentoring for office support personnel. The Council worked to identify short and long term goals and established Committees to implement them. The Mentoring Committee was charged with developing guidelines that local councils could use to develop a mentoring program or to enhance their current program.

The Council is convinced that establishing mentoring programs for office professionals within their respective areas will assist them in developing the knowledge and skills necessary in their positions, enhance their job satisfaction, and encourage them to set goals for career enhancement.

The guidelines are attached for your use. These guidelines are not mandatory, but serve as a tool to assist the local councils in establishing an area mentoring program. The guidelines may be modified to conform within your Area. You may also want to use the Orientation Plan List which is located on this site and has a link located on the left of this page.

The Council hopes you will find the guidelines and forms valuable tools.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. We will continue to work for all office professionals. Please do not hesitate to contact a council member as your feedback is important to us.