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Edward Souza (USDA-ARS) "2009 CAP Summary for ASA"


Meera Kweon (USDA-ARS) International Dietary Fiber Conference Austria 2009

Exploration of functionality of low-glycemic-impact sugars and polyols,using SRC, DSC, RVA, and cookie baking


55th Annual Research Review ConferencePresentations

Edward Souza (USDA-ARS) "From Genes To Twinkies"

Meera Kweon (USDA-ARS) "Update on Baking research at SWQL"

Andrew Ross (Oregon State University) "Amylose, amylopectin, & amylase:"

Carl Griffey (Virginia Tech University) "Development and Potential of High-Value Specialty Wheat Crops and Cultivars in the Eastern U.S."

Peter Tuinema (Ontario Wheat Producers' Marketing Board) "Wheat Quality in Ontario"

Janet Lewis (Michigan State University) "MSU's Wheat Breeding Program; Current Status and Future Outlook"

Additional presentations related to soft wheat quality include:

Edward Souza (USDA-ARS)"Michigan Grain Producers Meeting - Top Yield Factors for Wheat".
February 2008.

Meera Kweon (USDA-ARS) "Effects of Extraction Rate, Particle Size, and Chlorination Extent on Flour Functionality Explored by SRC, DSC, RVA and Cake Baking".  PNW Section of the AACC. January 2007.

Ed Souza (USDA-ARS) "Milling Information Gleaned from the SRW Wheat QEC".  QEC Meeting, Kansas City, MO. February 2007.

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