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Lin, J., Ali, A.K., Chen, P., Ghabrial, S., Finer, J., Dorrance, A., Redinbaugh, M.G., Qu, F. 2013. A stem-loop structure in the 59 untranslated region of bean pod mottle virus RNA2 is specifically required for RNA2 accumulation. Journal of General Virology. 94:1415-1420.

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Chen, Y., Cassone, B.J., Bai, X., Redinbaugh, M.G., Michel, A. 2012. Transcriptome of the plant virus vector Graminella nigrifrons, and the molecular interactions of Maize fine streak rhabdovirus transmission. PLoS One. 7(7):e40613.

Stewart, L. R., Paul, P. A., Qu, F. , Redinbaugh, M. G., Miao, H., J. Todd, M. Jones.
(2013) Wheat mosaic virus (WMoV), the causal agent of High Plains disease, is
present in Ohio wheat fields. Plant Disease Note (in press).

Stewart, L. R., Bouchard, M. G. Redinbaugh, T. Meulia. (2012) Complete sequence
and development of a full-length infectious clone of an Ohio isolate of Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV),
Virus Research, 165:219-224, 2012,

Stewart, L. R., M. A. Haque, M. W. Jones, M. G. Redinbaugh. (2012) Response of maize (Zea maysL.) lines carrying Wsm1, Wsm2, and Wsm3to the potyviruses Johnsongrass mosaic virus and Sorghum mosaic virus, Molecular Breeding, DOI 10.1007/s1 1032-012-9789-5, 2012,

Stewart, L. R., Ding, B., Falk, B. W. (2013) Viroids and Phloem-limited Viruses: Unique Molecular Probes of Phloem Biology. In Phloem: Molecular Cell Biology, Systemic Communication, Biotic Interactions. Edited by Gary Thompson and Aart van Bel. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley.

Stewart, L. R. (2011) Waikaviruses: studied but not understood, APSnet feature article,

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