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Baked Product Tests
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Wire Cut Cookie

(AACC Method 10-53, Macro Method)

This method determines the texture (hardness) of the cookies. The use of high-fructose corn syrup and lower sucrose concentration allows for a texture more similar to standard commercial cookie formulations. Differences in hardness reflect differences in flour quality, with softer cookie texture produced with better soft wheat quality.

Baking Quality of Cookie Flour

(AACC method 10-52, Micro Method)

Cookie spread determined within a location is a reliable indicator of the source cultivar's genetic characteristics. However, cookie spread, unlike milling quality, is greatly influenced by environmental conditions. An absolute single value for cookie spread could be misleading. Within a location the single value is significantly important in comparison to known standards. The average cookie spread for three different examples of a cultivar is representative of that wheat.

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Chemically-leavened Cracker Baking Procedure

Soft wheat flours with greater gluten strength are typically preferred for commercial cracker production. The purpose of developing a benchtop baking method is to predict the contribution of gluten functionality to overall flour performance for chemically-leavened crackers.

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Last Modified: 3/7/2017
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