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2007 Research Review Conference
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Highlights of the 54th Annual Soft Wheat Quality Laboratory Research Review Conference included:

Rangan Chinnaswamy (USDA-GIPSA) "FGIS Standards and Global Wheat Quality Tests"

Ed Souza (USDA-ARS) "Genetic Basis for Improved Gluten in Soft Wheats (What is Improved?)"

Mark Sorrells (Cornell University) "Is Wheat Kernel Size and Shape Related to Flour Yield?"

Dave Van Sanford (University of Kentucky) "Genetic Variation in Gluten Strength in Soft Winter Wheat"

Finlay MacRitchie (Kansas State University) "The Effects of Post-Translational Modification of Glutenin on Flour Functionality"

Perry Ng (Michigan State University) "Modifications of Gluten Proteins for Unique Properties by Enzymatic Approach and by Stress-Strain Force Application"

Lonnie Andrews (USDA-ARS) "Prediction of Large-Scale Mills from a Quadrumat Jr. Mill"

Meera Kweon (USDA-ARS) "Effects of Extents of Chlorination and Heat Treatment on Gluten Functionality Explored by SRC"

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