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Agricultural Engineering
Advancement of Pesticide Spray Applications in Specialty Crop Production with Intelligent-Decision Technologies
Develop a user-friendly computer program to predict drift distances of water droplets
Spray deposits and off-target loss in nurseries
Investigation of drift reduction potential with air-induction nozzles and conventional nozzles
Research Weather Network
Development of Harmonic Radar Transponders to Track Black Vine Weevil Behavior in Nurseries
Water quality for pot-in-pot nurseries
Development of improved air assist sprayer for dense nursery crops


Plant Pathology
Impact of application technique on fungicide effectiveness for apple scab control
Control of Botrytis blight on Reiger begonias with soil amendments.


Evaluation of polyacrylamide hydrogel as a soil amendment on growth, flowering, root morphology, and shelf life of New Guinea impatiens and pansy
Demonstration of silica uptake in bedding plant species and determination of its role as a nutrient and potential benefit for horticultural quality enhancement, disease and insect resistance, and moderation of micronutrient toxicities
Determination of critical nutrient requirements of bedding plants to achieve optimum growth, reduce nutrient levels in effluent, and to develop sensor technology for non-destructive monitoring of nutrient levels in plant tissue
Study the role of boron in bedding plant growth and development and identify molecular signals which can be utilized to monitor boron induced stress due to toxicity or deficiency levels in the plant
Determine the interaction of greenhouse cultural practices; nutrition, media composition, abiotic stresses, etc. on disease expression in bedding plant production
Interactive greenhouse model



Subsurface application of insecticides for control of white grubs and black vine weevil in field-grown nursery crops
Trapping to survey for ambrosia, bark, and other wood-boring beetles
Development of alternatives to insecticide dips for Japanese beetle quarantine procedures: in collaboration with Tennessee State University
Study various aspects of white grub and black vine weevil biology, such as behavior and ecology in the nursery ecosystem, and interactions with hosts and natural enemies
Evaluation of natural enemies for control of white grubs and black vine weevil
Oviposition behavior of oriental beetle in nursery crops
Drip chemigation for control of scarab grubs in field-grown nursery crops


IR-4 Food Use and Ornamentals
Pesticide registration and label expansion for minor crops