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Greenhouse Production Research Group

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Mission: To conduct fundamental and applied research on production technologies, environmental conditions, pests and diseases, and abiotic stresses for controlled environment agriculture (greenhouses and indoor farms) while safeguarding the environment, plant quality, and worker safety. To transfer that technology to the industry through partnerships with state extension services and direct stakeholder interactions.


Wolfe Hall at the University of Toledo

Dr. James Altland, Research Leader and Research Horticulturist (Wooster)
Office (330) 263-3870 

Dr. Jennifer Boldt, Research Horticulturist (Toledo)
Office (419) 530-2225      Cell (330) 439-8776      

Dr. Kale Harbick, Research Agricultural Engineer (Toledo)
Cell (541) 505-1980

Dr. Shin-Yi Lee Marzano
, Research Molecular Biologist (Toledo)
Office (419) 530-5053


Recent Publications

Optimization of spatial lighting uniformity using nonplanar arrays and photosynthetic photon flux density modulation. (2022) PDF

Response of hydroponic baby leaf greens to LED and HPS supplemental lighting. (2022) PDF

Comparison of supplemental lighting from high-pressure sodium lamps or light-emitting diodes on morphology and nutrient uptake of greenhouse crops. (2022) PDF

Photosynthetic responses of greenhouse ornamentals to interaction of irradiance, carbon dioxide concentration, and temperature. (2022) PDF


The pour-through procedure for monitoring container substrate chemical properties: a review. (2021) PDF

Substrate stratification: Layering unique substrates within a container increases resource efficiency without impacting growth of shrub rose. (2021) PDF

Soilless substrate science: a North American needs assessment to steer soilless substrate research into the future. (2021) PDF

Relationship between particle size summation curves and the moisture characteristic curve for soilless substrates. (2021) PDF

Modeling natural light availability in skyscraper farms. (2021) PDF

A meta-analysis of the combined effects of elevated carbon dioxide and chronic warming on plant %N, protein content and N-uptake rate. (2021) PDF

Elevated carbon dioxide and chronic warming together decrease nitrogen uptake rate, net translocation, and assimilation in tomato (2021) PDF

Petunia (Petunia xhybrida) cultivars vary in silicon accumulation and distribution. (2021) PDF

Lower temperature influences Cauliflower mosaic virus systemic infection (2021) PDF

Silicon modulates expression of pathogen defense-related genes during alleviation of copper toxicity in Nicotiana tabacum. (2021) PDF

Cauliflower mosaic virus P6 inclusion body formation: A dynamic and intricate process. (2021) PDF


Elevated carbon dioxide and chronic warming together reduce the nutritional quality of wheat. (2020) PDF

Salt tolerance of hydrangea plants varied among species and cultivar within a species. (2020) PDF

Storage procedures affect pH, electrical conductivity, and nutrient concentrations of pour-through leachate from pine bark and peat-based substrates. (2020) PDF

Effect of drought and carbon dioxide on nutrient uptake and levels of nutrient‐uptake proteins in roots of barley. (2020) PDF

Effects of electrical conductivity, pH, and foliar application of calcium chloride on yield and tipburn of Lactuca sativa grown using the nutrient–film technique. (2020) PDF

Dolomite and micronutrient fertilizer affect phosphorus fate when growing crape myrtle in pine bark. (2020) PDF

Photosynthesis, growth, and water use of Hydrangea paniculata ‘Silver Dollar’ using a physiological-based or a substrate physical properties-based irrigation schedule and a biochar substrate amendment. (2020) PDF

Optimizing substrate available water and coir amendment rate in pine bark substrates. (2020) PDF

Blue radiation interacts with green radiation to influence growth and predominantly controls quality attributes of lettuce. (2020) PDF




Contact Us
The Greenhouse Production Research Group is located at the University of Toledo.
Physical location: 4271A Wolfe Hall
Tel: 419-530-2225
Fax: 419-530-1599
2801 W Bancroft Street MS 604
Toledo, OH 43606