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Leachete Preperation
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Step 1: Obtain one sheet of filter paper (Whatman 2).  Step 2: Fold filter paper in half, forming a half circle.  Step 3: Fold paper in half again, forming a flat cone shap.  Step 4: Open the paper up to form a cone.


 Items Required:

  • Filter Paper (Whatman 2)
  • 50mL Centrifuge Tube
  • Wooden Stand for Tubes
  • Funnel


  • Place Centrifuge Tubes in stand designed to keep them in an upright position.
  • Remove the caps from the centrifuge tubes and place the tips of the funnels into the tubes.
  • Fold the filter paper into a V-shape and place them into the funnels.
  • Label the centrifuge tubes so that they correspond to the original samples.
  • Pour Each sample into the appropriate funnels so that they filter into the properly labeled tubes.

The image to the left is the solution before filtration.  The image on the right is the solution after filtration.
Top: The tools required for filtration and their setup.  Bottom Left: Solution being filtered into their respective tubes.  Bottom Right: Dried residue of material filtered out of solution.