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Development of a user-friendly computer program to predict drift distances of spray droplets
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Large amounts of pesticides are applied worldwide on a wide variety of crops. While pesticides are essential for high quality, abundant food, they pose risks if applied improperly.  Of particular concern is the potential for spray droplets to drift to areas other than the intended targets.  

In order to assist applicators choose the optimum spray conditions to minimize spray drift, Heping Zhuand Robert Foxof the USDA Agricultural Research Service and Erdal Ozkan of the Ohio State University have developedNursery spray drift DRIFTSIM--a user-friendly computer program capable of predicting drift distances of spray droplets under a wide variety of conditions. 
Unlike other computer simulation software, DRIFTSIM requires no special skills to operate and computer system requirements are minimal:  Pentium processor, CD drive, MS-Windows version 3.1 or later, 8 Mb of memory, 30 Mb free hard drive space and a mouse.

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