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Trapping to survey for ambrosia, bark, and other wood-boring beetles.
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Funnel trap used for ambrosia beetles

Wood-boring beetles (ambrosia and bark beetles, longhorn beetles, and metallic wood-boring beetles) can cause serious damage to woody ornamentals.

In general, the species in these groups are considered most likely to attack stressed or unhealthy trees. 

During the past few years, however, there have been several incidences of ambrosia beetles attacking apparently healthy trees in ornamental nurseries in Ohio.

It would be very useful to know which species of wood-boring beetles occur near nurseries and when they are active.This information will be useful in developing management programs for these insects.

In 2003, we started trapping ambrosia beetles and other wood boring beetles in ornamental nurseries. Specimens are currently being identified.  With this information, we will be able to determine which species are present and when they occur during the season.

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Last Modified: 2/28/2017
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