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Botrytis lesion on a begonia leaf.

Powdery mildew on zinnias.

Whiteflies are a common and destructive greenhouse pest.
  • Silicon delays Tobacco ringspot virus systemic symptoms in Nicotiana tabacum (2011)
    [Summary][Full Paper]
  • Interaction of Calibrachoa and Selected Root and Foliar Pathogens in Greenhouse Settings (2011)
    [Summary][Full Paper]
  • Rare Excitatory Amino Acid from Flowers of Zonal Geranium Responsible for Paralyzing the Japanese Beetle  (2011)
    [Summary][Full Paper]
  • Influence of Silicon on Resistance of Zinnia elegans to Myzus persicae  (2009)
    [Summary][Full Paper]
  • Using Leaf Temperature to Detect Root Rot Stress in Geranium  (2007)
    [Summary][Full Paper]
  • Applied Nitrogen Concentration Affects Growth of Elatior Begonia and New Guinea Impatiens, and Susceptibility of Begonia to Grey Mold  (2007)
    [Summary][Full Paper]
  • Suppression of Botrytis of Begonia by Trichoderma hamatum 382 in Peat and Compost-Amended Potting Mixes  (2005)
    [Summary][Full Paper]
  • Effects of Formulated Plant Extracts and Oils on Population Density of Phytophthora nicotianae in Soil and Control of Phytophthora Blight in the Greenhouse  (2004)
    [Summary][Full Paper]


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