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May 6, 2011: Greenhouse Production Research Group at the TBG Plant Sale

    Each spring, Toledo Botanical Gardens (TBG) holds its Annual Plant Sale, attracting an estimated 2000 people from the area.  This year, the plant sale was still held on TBG grounds, but its location changed to the less commonly visited side of the gardens-the greenhouse area.  Since the research greenhouses are typically closed to the public to preserve the integrity of experiments and enforce safety, TBG staff extended an invitation to the GPRG to participate in this year's event as a means to inform the public of the cooperative relationship between USDA-ARS and TBG and showcase some of the current research being conducted in the greenhouses. 
    The GPRG display included live plants representing some of the media amendment trials, as well as a hydroponics set-up.  Display boards detailed the step-by-step process performed at the GPRG laboratory facilities with plant tissue obtained from individual experiments.  Plant sale visitors had an opportunity to interface with GPRG staff, ask questions, and learn about some of the GPRG's main projects, such as Virtual Grower. 
    The GPRG would like to thank TBG for welcoming our participation in the Plant Sale.  We appreciate the opportunity to share what we've been working on and receive feedback from the community.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with TBG and working together on future opportunities.

TBG 2011 Plant Sale.

The GPRG display included experimental displays.

An interactive area was available for children to learn about being scientists.