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March 24, 2010: Jim Locke on NBC 24's Green Report

 Report by Michael Schlesinger, Meteorologist/Reporter, NBC 24 WNWO-TV/DT

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(Toledo)--One man's green thumb is helping to revolutionize the planting industry, and he's using the help of the University of Toledo to do so.
Jim Locke works for the USDA's agricultural research service...or ARS...on UT's main campus.
He and his agency are responsible for solving problems and creating solutions when it comes to food and agriculture. Think of him as an advocate of nature and nurture.

He studies ways to make flora flourish while sparing the environment of harmful pesticides through the use of certain elements, like silicon.

While Locke digs deeply into the dirt, he thrives on what his research may reveal and how it can assist in improving quality and safety of agricultural commodities and products.

And as northwest Ohio places itself in the hub of the green movement with its solar and wind energy usage, those involved in farming and planting know they have a role too.

To learn more about the University of Toledo's role with the USDA, go to /mwa/wooster/atru.