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March 24, 2011:  Greenhouse Production Research Group featured on ABC 13's What's Growing in the Garden

Report by Kristin Emery, Meteorologist/Reporter, ABC 13 WTVG-TV Toledo

    The Greenhouse Production Research Group (GPRG) was featured on ABC 13's weekly "What's Growing in the Garden" spot, during the March 24, 2011 and March 27, 2011 airings.  "What's Growing in the Garden" is a weekly segment aimed at spotlighting local activities at the Toledo Botanical Gardens (TBG), along with the activities of collaborators housed in and around the Gardens.  The GPRG leases approximately 5000 ft2 of greenhouse space at TBG to promote its mission of conducting fundamental and developmental research on production technologies, diseases, pests, and abiotic stresses for the greenhouse ornamental industry.

    Current studies at the GPRG's TBG location include nutritional studies documenting plant health in the presence and absence of essential nutrients and media studies investigating the use of locally available, sustainable alternatives to peat and pine bark-based media.  Dr. James Locke explained the GPRG's purpose here in northwest Ohio and summarized the on-going research of the USDA-ARS project.  His commentary and the segment can be viewed here.  Transcripts from the airing are available below.  Additional "What's Growing in the Garden" segments can be viewed here, or additional information on Toledo Botanical Gardens can be found at

ABC 13 "What's Growing in the Garden" March 24 transcripts.

Greenhouse facilities located at TBG.

Plant trials conducted by the GPRG at TBG.