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Drip chemigation for control of scarab grubs in field-grown nursery crops
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There are several exotic scarab beetles (white grubs) that are pests in ornamental nurseries in northern Ohio. In the past, these beetles were considered primarily as contaminant pests in ornamentals, which was related to quarantine issues. However, in recent years we have received more reports of damage to woody ornamentals caused by the root feeding of grubs.

To control white grubs in turf and field-grown nursery crops, growers generally spray or broadcast preventive insecticides on the soil surface, then flush the area with water in order to leach the chemicals from the surface down into the root zone of the plants. In deeply-rooted nursery crops such as trees and shrubs irrigated by drip irrigation, root zone coverage is limited due to the small amount of water supplied and small surface area of soil covered by the drip irrigation system.

We are currently evaluating a number treatment methods to control white grubs in nursery crops irrigated by drip irrigation.

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Last Modified: 9/7/2016
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