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Development of improved air assist sprayer for dense nursery crops
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H. Zhu, R.C. Derksen, C.R. Krause, R.D. Brazee
USDA-ARS Application Technology Research Unit, Wooster, OH
R.H. Zondag
Ohio State University Extension
Acknowledgement to Herman Losely & Son, Inc. for support



  • develop a custom-designed, five-port, air-assist sprayer to improve spray penetration into dense nursery canopies while minimizing off-target loss
  • determine optimal sprayer characteristics such as air velocity and nozzle height to provide sufficient spray deposition for effective pest control within dense canopies.

Lab development

<FONTSIZE=2>Air velocity distribution measurement


Field test
Effect of average peak air velocity inside the canopy on spray deposition within canopies


For more information contact:
Heping Zhu

Last Modified: 2/28/2017
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