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Dec 2012

Owens Community College Visits GPRG


On December 6, 2012 Greenhouse Production Research Group (GPRG) hosted Mr. Matthew Ross, an Urban Agriculture instructor at Owens Community College, and his Harvest and Post-Harvest Technology class.  The Harvest and Post-Harvest Technology class aims to give students an understanding in the science involved in the harvesting and storage of food with the help of laboratory experience and off site learning opportunities.  The student's background and interest ranged from working in greenhouses, working on farms, wanting to learn how to grow their own crops, to wanting to run their own greenhouse and farm. 

Dr. Jonathan Frantz started the visit by giving the group an introduction to GPRG and why and how it was all started.  Dr. Jim Locke and other members of the team talked about and demonstrated the different research and analyses that has been taking place at GPRG with potting media amendments and nutrient studies.  Students were shown how samples are prepared, digested and analyzed with Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), how column studies are used to examine nutrient leaching in different media systems, the setup of the multi compartment growth chamber, how board-spectrum LED light is used in plant research, and introduced to Virtual Grower.

Dr. Frantz with Mr. Matthew Ross (2nd from right) and his Post-Harvest Technology class on their visit to GPRG.

(T-L) Dr. Frantz explaining how the board-spectrum
ultra violet light system works. (T-R)  Dr. Locke showing
the different media amendments that have been or are
being used in research at GPRG. (B) Students looking
at different chambers in the multi compartment
growth chamber.