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Carroll Vance
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Carroll Vance

B.S., EastTennesseeStateUniversity, Biology/History

Ph.D., OhioStateUniversity, Plant Pathology/Physiology


Research Interests

  • Nitrogen fixation and nitrogen assimilation in alfalfa.
  • Molecular modification of plant carbon and nitrogen metabolism.
  • New uses for alfalfa in sustainable agriculture and ground water remediation.
  • Plant adaptations for phosphorus (P) stress.
  • Functional genomics of N2 fixation and root development in legumes.


Current or Planned Experiments

  • Characterize plant genes involved in nitrogen and carbon metabolism.
  • Use of sense and antisense technology to modify plant metabolism.
  • Use of transgenic technology to develop alfalfa genotypes for biomass and bioremediation.
  • Assess the role of organic acids and nonphotosynthetic carbon dioxide fixation in improving plant phosphorus metabolism.
  • Develop alfalfa genotypes for use in ground water quality improvement.
  • Identify and characterize white lupin genes important to P stress adaptation.
  • Use RNAi to characterize the functional role of root nodule and root genes.


Laboratory Personnel

  • Sue Miller (Plant Physiologist)  
  • Jamie O'Rourke (Research Associate)
  • Bruna Bucciarelli (Plant Physiologist)
  • Junqi Liu (Post-Doc)


Last Modified: 8/11/2016
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