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Hans-Joachim Jung
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Hans-Joachim G. Jung


B.S., University of California-Davis, Wildlife Biology

M.S., University of Illinois-Urbana, Ecology

Ph.D., University of Illinois-Urbana, Animal Science



Research Interests

  • Influence of plant cell wall structure on forage utilization by dairy cattle.
  • Genetic modification of cell wall development and digestibility in alfalfa, maize, and other forages.
  • Use of biomass crops for bioenergy and bioproducts.


Current or Planned Experiments

  • Interactions of tissue cellular organization and cell wall chemical composition and their impact on digestibility of forage crops.
  • Selection for improved fiber digestibility in alfalfa.
  • Characterization of low ferulate maize mutant for cell wall and tissue development and digestibility.
  • Evaluation of biomass germplasm for production of potentially fermentable sugars for ethanol.


Laboratory Personnel

  • Richard T. Jeo (Biological Science Laboratory Technician)

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